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19 July 2012 |

Concern for journalist illegally arrested and beaten

The arrest of Mutafizur Rahman Sumon was prompted by his campaign against impunity for crimes against media workers.
18 June 2012 |

Journalist killed in Jessore

Journalist killed in Jessore Jamal Uddin was allegedly targeted for reporting on a local drug-smuggling syndicate.
15 June 2012 |

Bangladesh backsliding on press freedom

The Awami League has adopted a fifteenth amendment to the Constitution, which states that criticising the Constitution now comes with a charge of sedition.
29 May 2012 |

Online newspaper office attacked

Unidentified assailants, reportedly local goons, stabbed sub-editor Newaz Mohammad Rifaat and correspondent Salahuddin Wahed Pritom with sharp weapons.
22 May 2012 |

Journalist brutally attacked

Unidentified assailants hacked the right arm of journalist Fazlur Rahman, allegedly for reporting on an obscene dance performance on a college campus.
18 May 2012 |

Journalists attacked, injured in intensifying political conflict

Police baton charged a protest organised by the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party in Dhaka, injuring several participants and at least five journalists.
25 April 2012 |

Editor receives threat

Golam Sarwar was threatened after reporting on negotiations between the government and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party over the case of a missing politician.
21 March 2012 |

Authorities turn up the heat on journalists

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has threatened to shut down the ETV commercial satellite station for allegedly broadcasting illegally.
15 March 2012 |

Live telecast of opposition rally blocked in Dhaka

Three TV channels report that their transmission in the capital was suspended for several hours, coinciding almost exactly with a rally held by the opposition party leader.
14 February 2012 |

Two journalists killed in Dhaka

The motive for the killing of Sagar Sarwar and his wife, Mehrun Runi, is unknown and police have yet to determine whether it is related to their work.
4 January 2012 |

Ruling party MP assaults TV reporter

Kamal Ahmed Majumder assaulted Aparna Singha while she was attempting to obtain his comment on a school authority's decision to charge admission fees beyond the limit fixed by the government.
28 November 2011 |

Editor released on bail

(Media Watch/IFEX) - Ekramul Haq, editor of , was released on bail on 25 November 2011, nearly four months after his arrest on extortion charges.
4 November 2011 |

Newspaper editor freed after three months, immediately re-arrested

The Dhaka High Court's order for Mohammad Ekramul Haque to be released on bail was carried out on 1 November, but he was immediately re-arrested on the basis of a new complaint.
31 October 2011 |

Editor granted bail after three months in detention

The IFJ believes the multiple charges against Mohammad Ekramul Haq, the editor of Sheersha News web portal and the weekly newspaper Sheersha Kagoj, are suggestive of a political vendetta.
4 October 2011 |

Media freedom threatened by wave of violence and harassment

"By allowing harassment and violence to become so widespread, the government is directly contributing to the decline in media freedom," says RSF.
15 September 2011 |

Journalist beaten and detained in Srinagar; media workers assaulted in Dhaka

Several policemen approached journalist David Devadas and assaulted him with "fists and metal batons", then took him to the police station, where the beatings continued.
3 August 2011 |

Editor arrested, faces extortion accusation said its editor, Mohammad Ekramul Haq, is being victimised for his reporting, which has included stories about corruption in government ministries.
20 July 2011 |

Journalist in hiding following assault on home

The assault on journalist Imran Hossain's home came after he reported on corruption in the local police administration.
13 July 2011 |

Reporters attacked in separate incidents

ETV correspondent Liakat Ali Badal was assaulted when his crew travelled to a village to report on the torture of two women.
9 June 2011 |

Nine journalists attacked in two separate incidents

Photographers and TV crews, who are more visible because of their equipment, are often exposed to violence by political party supporters.

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