Belarus: Police raids target Belsat and RFE/RL journalists

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Belarus: Ukrainian journalist Dzianis Ivashyn sentenced to 13 years and one month in prison

The KGB accused Ivashyn of cooperating with Ukrainian intelligence after he investigated the Belarusian police’s recruitment of former Ukrainian riot officers. Ivashyn was charged with “treason” and “interference in the activities of an employee of internal affairs”.

BAJ raises journalist Dzianis Ivashyn’s case with UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression

Arrested in March 2021 and facing up to three years in prison if convicted on the dubious charge of “interference in the activities of an internal affairs officer”, Ivashyn has spent part of his detention in solitary confinement, where he also suffered a heart attack.

Belarus: Journalist Darya Chultsova released after two years in penal colony

In 2020, Belsat TV journalist Darya Chultsova was convicted – along with journalist Katsaryna Andreyeva – of dubious public order offences after she covered anti-Lukashenka protests in Minsk.