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31 July 2012 |

Journalist facing sentence for exposing Minsk metro security flaws

Vital Ruhayn was arrested after posting a video online showing a lack of security on the Minsk subway, which was the target of a deadly bombing in April 2011.
18 July 2012 |

Website editor arrested for posting photos of free speech stunt

Anton Surapin is under investigation because he uploaded pictures of teddy-bears holding signs that read "We support the Belarusian struggle for free speech."
6 July 2012 |

UN Human Rights Council condemns abuses in Eritrea, Belarus

However, the rights body stopped short of recommending the Syria situation be referred to the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch noted.
3 July 2012 |

One journalist imprisoned, another threatened

The journalists have each investigated politically sensitive topics and suspect the threats and imprisonment are in retaliation for their reporting.
21 June 2012 |

Journalist Andrzej Poczobut arrested again

Police searched Poczobut's apartment and took the journalist to the prosecutor's office where he was interrogated and arrested, according to a colleague.
30 May 2012 |

Rights activist detained on spurious charges

Oleg Volchek was sentenced to nine days in detention at the close of a hearing marked by numerous violations of due process.
19 April 2012 |

Journalist and political activist Dimitry Bondarenko released

Bondarenko, along with opposition politician Andrei Sannikov, was freed earlier this week, more than a year ahead of his scheduled release date.
12 April 2012 |

Serious concern over health of political prisoner

Dzmitry Bandarenka was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for taking part in a peaceful gathering on 19 December 2010; he is being held in Penal Colony No. 15 in the city of Mohylev.
6 March 2012 |

Writer loses appeal, sentenced to 4 years in labour camp

Writer loses appeal, sentenced to 4 years in labour camp Ales Byalyatski was sentenced on charges of tax evasion, which are widely believed to be politically motivated charges aimed to stop him from continuing his human rights work.
10 January 2012 |

Independent reporter imprisoned

Aleksandr Borozenko was sentenced to 11 days in jail for having reported on a one-person vigil for the Poland-based satellite broadcaster Belsat.
6 January 2012 |

Authorities tighten grip on the Internet

The new law affirms that anyone going online in an Internet cafe or using a shared connection will have to identify themselves, while a record of everyone’s browsing history will be kept for one year.
2 January 2012 |

Pro-opposition news website attacked, shut down

Anonymous individuals logged on to Chapter 97's administrative section, deleted archives, and created a false news story about opposition presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov.
6 December 2011 |

International delegation denied entry in Minsk

The delegation had planned to visit members of PEN Belarus, the Belarusian Writers Union, the Belarusian Association of Journalists and local writers and publishers.
24 November 2011 |

Conviction of rights defender a blow for rule of law, says Human Rights Watch

The organisation views the sentencing of Ales Bialiatski to four and half years in prison on tax evasion charges as a move to silence someone who helped victims of abuse.
5 August 2011 |

Leading rights defender detained

The investigation against Ales Belyatsky, allegedly for tax evasion, is a thinly veiled tactic to imprison a prominent human rights defender and should be discontinued, Human Rights Watch said.
8 July 2011 |

Dozens of journalists detained as crackdown continues

These arrests are part of a disturbing pattern of censorship of protests, CPJ says.
7 July 2011 |

Journalist given suspended three-year prison term

Convicted of libeling President Lukashenko, Andrzej Poczobut plans on appealing the decision arguing that he simply published his opinion on the president's policies.
4 July 2011 |

Minsk police detain and beat a dozen reporters, break equipment

Police briefly detained and beat more than a dozen reporters, and broke their equipment, at protest rallies in Minsk and Brest.
3 June 2011 |

Russian journalist deported and banned from reentering country

Police in Minsk detained Rodion Marinichev after he interviewed Irina Khalip, a prominent Belarusian journalist who had been handed a suspended two year prison term then was deported from Belarus.
17 May 2011 |

Irina Khalip handed suspended two-year prison term

The Zavodskoi District Court in Minsk declared the correspondent guilty of "organizing and preparing activities severely disruptive of public order", according to press reports.

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