Belarusian parliament passes amendments stifling press freedom

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Belarus: Assault on civil society punishes the vulnerable

In 2021, Belarusian authorities redoubled their crackdown on civil society, shutting down hundreds of civic organizations and prosecuting and harassing human rights defenders and their families. This year is starting out no differently.

Belarus: Journalist Aliaksandr Ivulin gets 2 years in prison for covering protests

“Ivulin’s case shows that authorities will use any excuse to punish members of the press who dare to cover protests or other newsworthy events that the government prefers be kept quiet” – CPJ

A woman holds a sign with an image of Belarusian President Lukashenko that reads "Next stop: The Hague" (referring to the International Criminal Court), during a solidarity protest by Belarusians living in exile, Hamburg, Germany, 15 August 2020, Markus Scholz/picture alliance via Getty Images

Repression and resistance in Belarus: A monthly chronology

A monthly chronology of repression and resistance in Belarus, based on the work of IFEX members and other international and domestic actors.