Blogger arrested amidst crackdown

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US and UK governments turn a blind eye to Bahrain’s dismal human rights record

So long as the US and UK governments are content to ignore the torture, unfair trials, and killing of protesters and government critics, Bahrain’s monarchy will feel at ease to continue its policy of systematic repression.

Bahrain: Stagnation and no signs of change

Authorities continue to ostracise political opponents, systematically close civil and political spaces, and mute dissenting voices ahead of upcoming elections, says a new report from Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Bahrain: Political prisoners must be freed for a free election to be held

“Unless conditions improve quickly, the 2022 elections will again be a sham perpetrated by the Government of Bahrain on the Bahraini people and any façade of democracy in Bahrain will end,” said Husain Abdulla, ADHRB Executive Director.