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27 June 2012 |

As protests continue, ANP condemns attacks on free expression and calls for calm

A number of journalists and camera operators were assaulted while trying to cover protests by police officers demanding higher pay.
20 June 2012 |

Journalists caught up in violence of mining dispute and political protests

Radio Vanguardia, owned by the workers at the Empresa Minera Colquiri, was the target of three explosions in one night. One of its journalists told RSF: “We were in the studio when a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse was thrown on to the roof and the rear walls of the building."
19 March 2012 |

Journalist sentenced to two and a half years in prison for defamation

Rogelio Peláez was convicted of "defamation and libel" for his use of metaphors in articles about a lawyer who had collected excessively high legal fees.
14 March 2012 |

Evo Morales betrays contradictions in his position toward the press

IPI is dismayed that President Morales considers the media to be his opposition and, therefore, instead of condemning attacks against critical press, seems to leave his followers free to "react against the lies," which has at times resulted in violence.
17 November 2011 |

Journalist stabbed

Leopoldo Ibarra sustained eight stab wounds and a beating for what he says was retaliation for his coverage of local trade organisations.
16 November 2011 |

Radio and television stations destroyed by mayor's supporters

A group of residents from the community of Choré dismantled and destroyed equipment belonging to the Yapacaní community radio station and Canal 8 television station.
10 November 2011 |

Journalist's son flees the country following threats

Journalist Mónica Oblitas has been receiving threats since reporting on a corruption case in April 2011.
13 September 2011 |

Journalist who exposed corruption threatened

Mónica Oblitas has received repeated death threats after publishing an exposé on corruption within the Institute of Forensic Investigations.
10 August 2011 |

Investigation points to suicide as reason for journalist's death

According to a Public Prosecutor's Office investigation, David Niño de Guzmán died as a result of injuries caused by the detonation of a bomb that he himself manufactured.
22 July 2011 |

Police detain individual for selling video about President Evo Morales

Richard Romero Cossío was accused of "insult to authorities" for selling a video about the president's activities as the head of a coca growers association.
27 May 2011 |

Several laws restricting press freedom raise IAPA concern

One of the laws being debated would require media outlets to broadcast every speech by President Evo Morales and another would ban media from conducting interviews or voicing opinions concerning the appointment of judges.
25 April 2011 |

Body of missing journalist found in La Paz

The body of journalist David Niño de Guzmán, news director at Agencia de Noticias Fides (ANF), was found on a street in the outskirts of La Paz on 21 April 2011.
10 March 2011 |

Journalists assaulted while reporting on land dispute in Lomas de Andalucía

Journalist Jaqueline Rojas was pulled out of her vehicle and kicked to the ground while reporting on illegal land claims.
8 February 2011 |

Journalist followed after interviewing key witness in Santa Cruz scandal

Journalist José Luis Patuy, of the Red Uno television station, was able to locate and interview a key witness who was believed to be out of the country.
13 January 2011 |

Journalist receives further threats

The threats against Carlos Torres, a correspondent with radio Panamericana, are similar to another death threat he received on 3 January 2011.
10 January 2011 |

Journalist receives anonymous death threat

According to Carlos Torres, the threat he received is linked to a campaign that journalists initiated calling for modifications to an anti-discrimination law.
8 October 2010 |

Senate constitutional committee approves new law with two controversial articles

IAPA expresses its full support for journalists and news media outlets that have recently held demonstrations to demand greater guarantees of press freedom.
20 July 2010 |

Journalists assaulted by mob during police operation

Camera operator Johnny Bazán had to be taken to the emergency ward of a medical center after being hit in the head.
2 July 2010 |

Demonstrators attack journalists

Supporters of the ousted mayor of Sucre struck, hurled insults and threw sticks and firecrackers at three Canal 7 Televisión Boliviana journalists.
21 June 2010 |

Mayor threatens to shoot journalist

The mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra threatened Pablo Calucho when the journalist attempted to ask him a question about the occupation of public spaces by street vendors in the municipality.

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