Bolsonaro family vents more anger than ever on Brazil’s media

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Police officers stand guard outside a police station attacked during a bank robbery, in Cameta, Pará State, Brazil, 2 December 2020, JURANDIR VIANA/AFP via Getty Images

Brazilian journalist Jackson Silva survives shooting

Brazilian authorities should promptly and thoroughly investigate the shooting of journalist Jackson Silva, ensure his safety, and guarantee that reporters can work without fear.

Frederick Wassef, President Jair Bolsonaro's personal lawyer, attends the inauguration ceremony of the Minister of Communications, in Brasilia, Brazil, 17 June 2020, SERGIO LIMA/AFP via Getty Images

Brazilian president’s lawyer sends threatening message to “UOL” journalist Juliana Dal Piva

Brazilian officials and their representatives should refrain from harassing members of the press who cover them and Brazilian authorities should ensure reporters can do their work without reprisal.

The Justice statue in front of the Supreme Court building, in Brasilia, Brazil, 8 November 2011, Francisco Andrade / Contributor via Getty Images

Brazilian Supreme Court decides that State should be held responsible for journalists injured by police during protests

The Supreme Court examined the case of photographer Alex da Silveira, who lost sight in his left eye after being injured by a rubber bullet fired by the São Paulo Military Police during a protest in May 2000.