Brazil’s democracy confronts the looming threat of election denial

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Brazilian state assembly investigates journalists, outlets reporting on abortion case

CPJ urges the state assembly in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina to drop its investigation into independent investigative outlet “The Intercept Brasil” and independent online outlet “Portal Catarinas” and respect the confidentiality of journalistic sources.

Activists And Community Members Demonstrate Against Police Killings in io de Janeiro, Brazil

Can democracy survive Brazil’s upcoming elections?

What is next for Brazil? There is no simple answer, but democracy is at risk as the country approaches national elections – and we should all be concerned.

Elections in Brazil take place in a critical scenario for fundamental freedoms

For a legitimate and free election process to occur, it is essential to strengthen democratic principles, which include guaranteeing fundamental freedoms and providing a suitable environment for independent media to disseminate quality information and thus contribute to an informed vote.