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31 May 2012 |

Investigative journalist threatened again

Lidia Pavlova, who reports on organised crime in southwest Bulgaria, said her car was set on fire -- for the second time -- in the town of Dupnitsa.
14 October 2011 |

IPI condemns attack on journalist

An explosive device was detonated underneath a car belonging to Sasho Dikov, a sports journalist and political commentator who has been critical of the government.
12 October 2011 |

IPI condemns use of hate speech and "online lynching" to target award-winning journalist

Mirolyuba Benatova has come under a barrage of verbal abuse and has been bombarded with ethnic and political insults on Facebook after reporting on ethnic violence in the village of Katunitsa.
26 April 2011 |

Concern over growing restrictions on press freedom

Amendments to the Penal Code related to discrimination could mean an attempt to impose controls on media outlets and the Internet.
26 April 2011 |

Authorities urged to allow Macedonian journalists to enter the country

Three media outlets from Skopje - television channels TV Sonce and Kanal 5, as well as the daily Dnevnik - were prevented from entering Bulgaria to cover a commemoration in Melnik.
28 February 2011 |

Police confiscate Macedonian news bulletin

No official warrants were provided as security officers entered the printing house and confiscated all 2,500 copies of the recently printed issue of "Macedonia Voice".
14 February 2011 |

Bomb explodes in front of weekly newspaper building

"Galeria" is known for reports that have criticised the government, and the publication has reported on wiretaps dealing with alleged corruption among high-ranking officials.
7 May 2010 |

Journalists from Republic of Macedonia/FYROM denied entry into Bulgaria

Several journalists from TV Sonce were on their way to cover a celebration until customs officials stopped them from crossing into Bulgaria.
21 April 2010 |

Journalist sues Council of Ministers over refusal to disclose information

Ministers had previously refused to provide information on expenses during trips abroad by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
22 February 2010 |

BGNES news agency journalist allegedly threatened while reporting on case

Ivan Yanev was investigating the murder of a policeman in the village of Enina when he was threatened by a police spokesman.
11 February 2010 |

Journalist hit with hammer against head

Veliko Tarnovo was hit on the head with a hammer by a construction entrepreneur whom he was about to interview regarding complaints about building contracts.
5 February 2010 |

IPI condemns Molotov cocktail attack on TV SKAT

The station's offices in Varna were attacked with a Molotov cocktail the day after a similar attack on the head office in Burgas.
29 January 2010 |

IPI concerned about safety of journalist Lidia Pavlova

Pavlova has been living under constant threat since she began reporting on the "Galevi" case.
15 January 2010 |

Radio K2 threatened with closure

Station's treatment may be politically and economically motivated, says IFJ.
5 January 2010 |

Chronicler of criminal underworld is shot dead

Chronicler of criminal underworld is shot dead CPJ called for an investigation into the murder of Bobi Tsankov, author of a new book and a series of newspaper articles detailing the activities of reputed crime figures.
24 September 2008 |

Website editor beaten with hammers in Sofia

(CPJ/IFEX) - The following is a 23 September 2008 CPJ press release:
16 September 2008 |

IFJ welcomes decision to revoke prize awarded to journalist known for attacking Roma minority

(IFJ/IFEX) - The following is a 15 September 2008 IFJ media release:
5 September 2008 |

Media owners' prize to journalist known for hate speech reveals "shocking indifference and complacency," warns IFJ

(IFJ/IFEX) - The following is a 29 August 2008 IFJ press release:
9 April 2008 |

Organised crime writer shot and killed in Sofia

(CPJ/IFEX) - The following is an 8 April 2008 CPJ press release:
23 May 2007 |

ARTICLE 19 and 67 international groups call on legislators to reject amendments that would weaken Access to Public Information Act

(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) - The following is a 21 May 2007 ARTICLE 19 press release:

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