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30 March 2012 |

Role of freedom of expression in democratisation processes: an ARTICLE 19 presentation

During a conference on media development, ARTICLE 19's executive director spoke about the place of freedom of expression / media laws and legal reforms in the country's democratisation process.
24 January 2012 |

RSF releases video interviews with recently freed journalists and blogger

Journalists U Zeya and Sithu Zeya, and blogger Nay Phone Latt, all of whom were released from jail on 13 January, discuss their prison experiences.
20 October 2011 |

Human Rights Watch urges Japan to press Burma's foreign minister on human rights issues

Japanese officials were urged to press Burma to release all political prisoners and abolish laws used to repress the rights to freedom of speech, association and assembly.
18 October 2011 |

Interview with newly-freed dissident comedian Zarganar

Zarganar talks about the political prisoners who have not been freed, including bloggers and writers such as Zaw Thet Htwe and Nay Phone Latt.
12 September 2011 |

SEAPA calls for release of Democratic Voice of Burma journalists

Hla Hla Win was sentenced to 27 years in jail on 11 September 2009 for interviewing a monk in a monastery on the 2nd anniversary of the monk revolution.
9 August 2011 |

RSF interviews editor of exile news magazine

Founded in 1993 as a monthly news magazine by exiled journalists, "Irrawaddy" has become an essential source of independent news and information about the political and human rights situation in the country.
8 July 2011 |

Twelve organisations call for release of Democratic Voice of Burma's video journalists

Seventeen video journalists for the Oslo-based exiled media organisation remain imprisoned; they are among nearly 2,100 political prisoners in Burma.
31 May 2011 |

Thirty-seven IFEX members call attention to the plight of 17 journalists, bloggers and artists who remain detained in Burmese prisons

Even though a new government has been formed in Burma after the elections in November 2010, there is still no guarantee of improvements in the country's media environment.
24 May 2011 |

Human Rights Watch campaign wins top ad awards

The honours spotlight continued political repression in the country, where sham elections in November 2010 entrenched military rule under the facade of civilian government.
6 May 2011 |

RSF supports Free Burma VJs Campaign

Burma is widely recognised as having one of the world's most repressive media environments, and consistently ranks at the tail end of global press freedom indexes.
4 May 2011 |

Press freedom still lacking despite some changes, Mizzima says

Under the new government of President Thein Sein, the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division under the Information Ministry recently lifted censorship of some journals and eased their tight control over media coverage of certain subjects.
31 January 2011 |

Widespread condemnation of government at human rights review

UPR working group delegations raised concerns about the systematic violation of a number of basic human rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of information and freedom of assembly and association.
25 October 2010 |

Thirty-three IFEX members call for freedom of expression during historic elections

IFEX members called on the Burmese government and the governments of the ASEAN to ensure freedom of expression, access to information, democratic values and human rights are respected during this critical moment in the electoral history of Burma.
13 August 2010 |

ARTICLE 19 submits report to UN Human Rights Council as election date announced

In a report to the UN Human Rights Council ARTICLE 19 outlines concerns around the elections, and other gross violations of the right to freedom of expression in the country.
29 April 2010 |

Index on Censorship rallies campaigners in support of imprisoned comedian

Index on Censorship rallies campaigners in support of imprisoned comedian Zarganar was arrested in 2008 for his criticism of the government's response to the humanitarian crisis that emerged in the wake of Cyclone Nargis.
28 January 2010 |

Blogger Zarganar turns 49 in jail, still has 34 years to serve

His sister-in-law has released a video about him to mark the occasion.
25 September 2009 |

Burma Action Group urges UN General Assembly, ASEAN to appeal for release of political prisoners and to call for an end to human rights abuses

Burma Action Group urges UN General Assembly, ASEAN to appeal for release of political prisoners and to call for an end to human rights abuses The Burma Action Group welcomed the recent prisoners' release while urging caution in considering this an indicator of an improved human rights situation.
13 August 2009 |

Twenty-one organisations, including fifteen IFEX members, condemn guilty verdict, extended detention for Aung San Suu Kyi

(SEAPA/IFEX) - The Burma Action Group, comprising 21 organisations that are members and partners of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX), condemns the guilty verdict and 18-month extended house arrest meted out to Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on 11 August 2009. We join the international community in rejecting this judgment, and in demanding the immediate release of Suu Kyi, a democracy icon in Burma and the rest of the world.
28 August 2008 |

Fifteen IFEX members and other organisations appeal to international bodies to raise cases of jailed journalist, comedian and other activists with Burmese junta

(SEAPA/IFEX) - The following is a joint appeal by 15 IFEX members and other organisations that make up the Burma Action Group:
2 May 2008 |

Fifteen IFEX members and others call on junta to allow free expression of views on referendum

(SEAPA/IFEX) - The following is a 1 May 2008 joint statement by 15 IFEX members and other organisations:

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