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Journalist Francis Vincent and interpreter killed in ambush; cameraman wounded; driver fatally wounded

Francis Vincent, a South African journalist and the Johannesburg
bureau chief for the international British television news agency
Worldwide Television News (WTN), along with his interpreter, a
Burundian student from the Ngagara district, were killed on 6
April 1995 at approximately 18:00 hours. They were the victims of
an ambush 12 kilometres north of the capital of Bujumbura.

The journalist's car was part of a convoy of four vehicles. Two
others were wounded in the incident, one fatally. The driver of
Burundian descent was shot and died of his wounds on 7 April.
Cameraman Victor Dmilamwi was wounded in the left leg and right
hand by several bullets. His life in not in danger. Armed
extremist Hutus groups are thought to be responsible for the
Many journalists have flocked to the region during this period of
extreme tension for Burundi. RSF notes that, by simply carrying
out their professional duties, these journalists, and those that
surround them, are exposing themselves to the dangers and
violence which have wracked the capital and the interior of the

Recommended Action

Send appeals to Burundian authorities:
  • asking that an investigation be conducted into the attack to
    identify those responsible and determine its motives
  • asking that adequate mechanisms be put in place to ensure the
    security of journalist and their safe freedom of movement
  • expressing concern that the international, as well as local,
    press may be a deliberate target of acts of violence solely in
    order to prevent it from reporting on the situation on the ground
    and from informing the population

    Appeals To

    Sylvestre Ntibantunganya
    President of the Republic of Burundi
    Bujumbura, Burundi
    Fax: +257 22 66 13 / +257 22 60 63

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