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9 May 2012 |

CCHR Fundamental Freedoms Fact Sheet: Freedom of Information

This fact sheet provides an overview of the proposed freedom of information law that was delivered to the National Assembly in March 2012.
3 May 2012 |

CCHR launches Harassment of Media 2008-2011 map

The information published on the map is public information on cases of restrictions or alleged restrictions of the right to freedom of expression involving the media.
12 April 2012 |

CCHR Fundamental Freedoms Fact Sheet: Freedom of Information

The government has declared its commitment to the right to freedom of information; however, the right to access information, the availability of information, and demand for information are far from entrenched in Cambodian society.
16 March 2012 |

CCHR releases report on freedom of expression and academic freedom

In light of the recent announcement by the Research Department at RULE, namely a list of prohibited thesis topics for the current academic year, the Cambodian Center for Human Rights examines the right to freedom of expression in the context of academic freedom.
16 January 2012 |

Ahead of elections, CCHR reports on the right to vote

Elections in the past however have been marred by allegations of undue influence or coercion inhibiting the free expression of the electors' will.
31 October 2011 |

CCHR Institutions Fact Sheet: the National Assembly and freedom of expression

The ruling Cambodia People's Party has imposed arbitrary administrative requirements that are used to stifle opposition and minority party opinions in parliamentary debates, says CCHR.
13 September 2011 |

CCHR review of 1995 Press Law

In the latest factsheet in its "Law Review" series, CCHR rates the Press Law as "yellow", meaning there are certain provisions that require review and amendment.
15 August 2011 |

CCHR Fundamental Freedoms Fact Sheet: freedom of expression and the distribution of leaflets

A trend toward convictions aimed at those involved in the distribution of leaflets criticising the Royal Government of Cambodia gives cause for concern.
18 July 2011 |

Restricting peaceful gatherings to "freedom parks" stifles freedom of expression, says CCHR

"Freedom parks" are designated locations where peaceful demonstrators can demonstrate on the condition of 12 hours' notice, instead of the five days' notice generally required; however, the number of demonstrators in "freedom parks" is limited to 200 people, while there is no limit for general demonstrations.
20 June 2011 |

CCHR releases report on ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression

The report provides an overview of the use of new media in Cambodia and recent trends toward Internet censorship, as well as the implications for freedom of expression.
4 October 2010 |

New report highlights systematic erosion of freedom of expression

ARTICLE 19, CCHR and 15 other Cambodian and international organisations are launching a new report, titled "Cambodia Gagged: Democracy at Risk?".
23 February 2010 |

RSF releases report on press freedom

Four years after Prime Minister Hun Sen promised that journalists would no longer be jailed for what they write, several journalists languish in prison.
22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Cambodia

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