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10 July 2012 |

Writer's detention extended, but still no charges laid

A judge ordered that Enoh Meyomesse be held in prison for six more months while prosecutors search for evidence against him.
21 June 2012 |

All charges against writer dropped, but he remains in prison facing blindness

Despite facing no charges, Enoh Meyomesse is still being held in the overcrowded Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé.
2 April 2012 |

Officials stifling freedom of association, says Freedom House

A workshop held by SID'ADO, a registered civic organisation, focusing on human rights and sexual orientation was interrupted by demonstrators who declared that homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon and that the meeting would not take place.
7 February 2012 |

Coup charges against writer dropped, still faces military tribunal

Coup charges against writer dropped, still faces military tribunal There have been worrying allegations that the evidence against Enoh Meyomesse is fabricated.
24 January 2012 |

Writer detained, faces up to 50 years in prison

There are allegations that the charges of "attempting a coup," "possessing a firearm," and "aggravated theft" faced by Enoh Meyomesse are based on fabricated evidence.
12 September 2011 |

Journalist detained, asked to reveal sources

Authorities pressed François Fogno Fotso to reveal the sources for a story, published in August 2010, detailing alleged corruption by a tax official.
18 May 2011 |

Human Rights Watch urges government to eliminate law used to entrap for sexual orientation

The arrest, conviction, and sentencing of Roger Jean-Claude Mbede to three years in prison for being homosexual is a gross violation of Mbede's rights to freedom of expression and equality guaranteed by the Cameroonian constitution, Human Rights Watch said.
9 May 2011 |

Author jailed for insult released

Bertrand Teyou was accused of 'insulting' President Paul Biya's wife in his 2010 book "The Belle of the Banana Republic".
13 April 2011 |

Songwriter released

Lapiro de Mbanga was freed on completion of a three-year prison sentence for allegedly instigating anti-government riots.
6 April 2011 |

Reporter detained after questioning arrests

Lamissia Adoularc was detained for inquiring about the arrests of two employees of a state-run palm oil company.
30 March 2011 |

Newspaper banned, editor given suspended prison sentence

"Paroles" editor Jean-Marie Tchatchouang was convicted of defamation, and given a six-month suspended prison sentence and a fine.
29 March 2011 |

Author jailed for insulting president's wife

Author jailed for insulting president's wife Bertrand Teyou has been detained since November 2010 for "insulting" President Biya's wife in a book published in 2010 and for attempting to hold a public reading of the offending text.
25 March 2011 |

Editor charged with criminal libel

The charges against Jean-Marie Tchatchouang are based on a complaint by the CEO of Douala's main bus company following allegations that he and his wife had embezzled public subsidies and employed abusive labour practices.
25 March 2011 |

Government blocks Twitter via SMS service

RSF is having difficulty establishing whether Cameroonian mobile phone operator MTN's Twitter via SMS service has finally been restored after being blocked for about 10 days.
14 March 2011 |

Freedom House calls for release of political and civil society activists

The arrests of eight political and civil society activists were triggered by calls for demonstrations on the anniversary of riots that took place in February 2008.
4 March 2011 |

Editor charged over leaked official document

Raphaël Nkamtchuen is free pending trial but he told CPJ he has gone into hiding after receiving threatening phone calls.
1 March 2011 |

Security forces obstructing journalists

Security forces detained a journalist after he interviewed a jailed former official and seized footage from reporters covering the brutal repression of a banned opposition march.
25 November 2010 |

Two journalists released conditionally after nine months in prison

President Paul Biya ordered the release of Robert Mintya and Serge Sabouang.
29 September 2010 |

Authorities maintain their position on newspaper editor's death in prison

Bibi Ngota died "as a result of infections linked to HIV, in a context in which his immune system completely collapsed," the report indicated.
2 September 2010 |

Newspaper editor hospitalised after being attacked in his cell

Imprisoned editor Robert Mintya was taken to a hospital more than two weeks after being seriously injured by a fellow inmate.

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