Cameroonian editor jailed for ‘defaming’ CEO of bus company

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Cameroonian journalist Amadou Vamoulké’s trial adjourned 90 times

Cameroonian journalist Amadou Vamoulké has just completed his 2,000th day in detention without being convicted on any charge.

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Sara, an intersex Cameroonian, is badly hurt and traumatised after being savagely assaulted for several hours by a violent mob.

A man waves a Cameroonian national flag in front of French riot policemen during a demonstration against Cameroon's President Paul Biya, near the embassy of Cameroon in Paris, France, 22 September 2020, -/AFP via Getty Images

Cameroonian authorities’ case against Amadou Vamoulké hinges on discredited witness

In a classic case of lawfare, Cameroonian state broadcast journalist Amadou Vamoulké endures the adjournment of his trial for the 74th time.