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Escalate It | Chapter Four

How to Make a Press Kit


A press kit is a collection of information provided to reporters at media events, such as press conferences. Press kits can also be sent to reporters who were invited to a media event, but did not attend. They are an important tool for your organisation to frame your coverage and an invaluable resource for media. However, for press kits to be useful, they must be timely and concise.


Decide which of these press kits is most useful for your needs:

Generic Press Kit

  • Provides general information about your group.
  • Should include a short history, your focus and/or mission statement, members of the board, and a newsletter or annual report.

Issue-Specific Press Kits

  • Highlights a specific issue and/or campaign that your organisation is involved in advocating for.
  • Should contain some background information about your group in order to provide context and credibility, but be primarily focused on the issue.


Arrange your press kit in a folder that opens to reveal two pockets.

Left-hand pocket (A): Background Information

  • Additional fact sheets on the issue/your organisation
  • A biography of the key spokesperson, possibly accompanied by a photograph
  • List of supporters and board members of your organisation
  • Copies of previous press releases or articles of interest showcasing the best of previous media coverage on your group or issue

Right-hand pocket (B): Key Information

  • Your main press release (if a press kit on a specific issue)
  • A one-page fact sheet on the issue/your organisation
  • A hard copy of keynote statement and list of speakers, if distributed
  • at a press conference
  • Your organisation’s latest newsletter or report
  • A business card, clipped to the front of the pocket

It might also be useful to include a media section on your website that includes this information

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