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29 January 2013 | International

Joint letter to Skype calls for greater transparency

In an open letter to Skype, numerous journalists, activists and NGOs urge it to be more transparent about the confidentiality of Skype conversations and about its data protection and retention policies.
28 January 2013 | United Arab Emirates

UAE accuses 94 Emiratis of conspiring to sieze power

After more than 6 months without any judicial proceeding for some of the detainees, the Emirati nationals are accused of charges including “communicating with individuals and international and foreign entities and establishments based outside the State in order to distort the image of the State.”
18 January 2013 | Bahrain

President Obama urged to help release Bahraini human rights defenders and activists

Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja with human rights defender Nabeel Rajab before they were jailed. In a letter to the US President, 40 human rights organisations called for US support to release 13 Bahrainis, unjustly jailed by the Bahraini government, one of the strongest allies of the US in the region.
14 January 2013 | Vietnam

IFEX members call for release of 13 Vietnamese activists

13 bloggers, citizen journalists and human rights activists were sentenced to jail in Vietnam Thirty IFEX members protested the sentencing of bloggers, citizen journalists and rights activists, jailed for up to 13 years in the biggest ever trial of pro-democracy activists in Vietnam.
19 December 2012 | Europe & Central Asia

European Parliament adopts new digital freedom strategy

Rights groups say European governments should now adopt a harmonised approach to control exports of the worst kinds of surveillance technologies.
12 December 2012 | Syria

Syrian captors threaten to execute kidnapped journalist

Members of the Free Syrian Army have threatened to kill Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva on 13 December 2012 if their demand for USD 50 million is not paid.
7 December 2012 | Uzbekistan

Rights groups call on Uzbek government to free political prisoners

Nine human rights NGO's, including IFEX members Human Rights Watch, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and PEN American Center, came together to urge Uzbek President Islam Karimov to demonstrate a genuine commitment to Uzbekistan's much-touted reform process by including political prisoners in an anticipated amnesty for Constitution Day.
3 December 2012 | Democratic Republic of Congo

UN-run radio station blocked in DR Congo

Radio Okapi was jammed after failing to submit its programme schedule to the Congolese High Council for Broadcasting and Communication (CSAC).
28 November 2012 | Tunisia

Fully guarantee media independence in new Tunisian Constitution, says IFEX-TMG

Oussame Boujeile (pictured) and Chaine Bilrish face prison for their political graffiti. While welcoming moves to implement measures that guarantee media independence, IFEX-TMG calls on the Tunisian government to fully respect free expression in the new Constitution and put an end to attacks on journalists and artists.
26 November 2012 | International

Civil society delegates respond to UN plan on journalists' safety

Civil society delegates at a UN Inter-Agency meeting have agreed to support the implementation of the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity.
26 November 2012 | Egypt

Constitutional decree in Egypt gives Morsi sweeping powers

Anti-Morsi protesters chant slogans in front of the Supreme Judicial Council building in Cairo, on 24 November 2012 President Mohamed Morsi now possesses authorities beyond those enjoyed by any president or monarch in Egypt’s modern history, say rights groups.
22 November 2012 | Somalia

Media organisations conduct safety training for journalists in Somalia

Somali journalists are working in extreme conflict zones with risks that include small arms and explosives attacks, as well as the ever-increasing possibility of murder or abduction.
16 November 2012 | Serbia

Coalition calls for transparency in government funding of Serbian media

The Media Coalition says the failure to implement Serbia's Media Strategy has enabled abuse of public funds with an aim to influence the media market and shut down critical voices.
15 November 2012 | Egypt

Egyptian President sidelines rights groups

Egyptian human rights organizations were recently excluded from participating in a meeting the President had with civil society groups.
13 November 2012 | Asia & Pacific

Flawed rights declaration for Southeast Asia should be postponed

Leading international rights organisations have called for the postponement of the adoption of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration, pointing out that the Declaration risks creating a sub-standard level of human rights protection in the region.
5 November 2012 | Greece

IFEX members call on EU to defend freedom of expression in Greece

In a joint statement, IFEX members in the European Union and its 'neighbourhood' states call upon authorities to protect freedom of expression in Greece.
31 October 2012 | Iran

Political prisoners in Iran denied visits, medical care

Iran's authorities should end mistreatment of the prominent rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, say Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi and six human rights organizations.
25 October 2012 | The Gambia

Decision to drop charges against two Gambian journalists welcomed

Journalists Baboucarr Ceesay (left) and Abubacarr Saidykhan have had charges against them dropped. MFWA welcomes the move by Gambian authorities to drop charges against two journalists for seeking permission to peacefully protest the execution of death row inmates, but calls for investigation into death threats against journalists.
24 October 2012 | Syria

Free peaceful activists, journalists, aid workers in Syrian amnesty

A coalition of human rights organisations calls on President Bashar al-Assad to release all peaceful activists, media professionals, and humanitarian assistance providers as part of an amnesty announced on 23 October, and give independent monitors access to detention facilities.
24 October 2012 | International

Joint statement on journalist safety delivered to UNESCO

More than 40 media organisations worldwide are demanding urgent action by governments, the UN, and the industry to stop violence against journalists and end impunity in attacks on the press.
22 October 2012 | Democratic Republic of Congo

Congolese rebel leader asked to protect journalists

Reporters Without Borders and Journalist in Danger wrote to the political coordinator of the M23 rebel movement, voicing concern about the dangers for journalists working in M23-controlled territory.
18 October 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG calls on Tunisia to guarantee media independence

Tunisian media workers striking outside SNJT IFEX-TMG supports media strike in Tunisia on 17 October to protest media appointments and the failure to guarantee media freedom in the draft Constitution.
16 October 2012 | International

IFEX members bring free expression concerns to UN body

IFEX members have provided submissions for a number of countries up for review in the latest round of examinations under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, a UN mechanism set up in 2006.
15 October 2012 | Cameroon

Cameroon: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission

Free expression is under threat in Cameroon, according to a report submitted this week to the UN Human Rights Council by PEN International, Committee to Protect Journalists, and Internet Sans Frontières.
15 October 2012 | Somalia

IFEX members call on new Somali government to protect journalists

Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (right) meets newly appointed Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid (left) in Mogadishu Over 40 IFEX members worldwide call for the new President of Somalia to help combat impunity in the killing of journalists, revise media laws and uphold UN and African resolutions to help protect journalists.
12 October 2012 | Democratic Republic of Congo

Report condemns deteriorating press freedom in DR Congo

Reporters Without Borders and Journalist en Danger held a joint news conference in Kinshasa on the eve of the Francophonie summit to present their report on the state of freedom of information in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa.
10 October 2012 | Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission

The human rights situation in Azerbaijan has deteriorated significantly and the state of freedom of expression in the country is alarming, says a coalition of NGOs.
8 October 2012 | United Kingdom

Sixty NGOs support English libel law reform

Sixty NGOs worldwide called for libel law reform as a defamation bill was reviewed in the UK House of Commons. Join over 60,000 and sign a petition calling for libel reform here.
26 September 2012 | Tunisia

Tunisia should accept all UN recommendations on free expression, says IFEX-TMG

Kamel Labidi (centre left) speaks at Tunisia's UPR at the UN in Geneva. While welcoming Tunisia’s acceptance of 110 of its 125 recommendations during a UN review last week, the IFEX-TMG calls on the country to implement them without delay and end the criminalisation of defamation.
26 September 2012 | India

Indian authorities urged to drop charges against two men for circulating cartoon

This tame collage cartoon about Indian politicians discussing the railway, led to the arrest of two men after it was sent to an e-mail list Over 30 human rights groups worldwide have appealed for charges to be dropped against two men charged with several offences after circulating a harmless cartoon on an internal mailing list.
25 September 2012 | International

Media freedom, independence key in wake of anti-Islam film

Media groups stress that the harmful acts of a few - a hateful anti-Islam film, the vicious attacks it sparked - should not overwhelm the ability of people to be properly informed by the only institutions with a clear mandate to do so: the independent news media.
17 September 2012 | Bahrain

End persecution of human rights defenders in Bahrain now, says appeal to UNHRC

Nabeel Rajab, since jailed, joins colleagues from BCHR and BYSHR, including Mohammed Al-Maskati, during a protest march to free Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja in Bahrain in April 2012. NGOs lobbying at the UN call for the release of human rights defenders, and to ensure that those who participate in Bahrain's UPR process do not face reprisals.
14 September 2012 | United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates accused of torturing imprisoned activists

A coalition of human rights groups has called on the UAE to reveal activist Ahmed al-Suweidi's whereabouts and investigate torture allegations as list of political detainees grows to over 60.
14 September 2012 | International

Expanded telecom regulations could threaten Internet freedom

Civil society groups have voiced concerns about proposals made by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that would threaten the openness of the Internet.
7 September 2012 | Cambodia

Call for release of Cambodian activist and broadcaster

Detained Cambodian radio broadcaster Mam Sonando has been active in the human rights movement As trial proceeds, over forty IFEX members urge the Cambodian government to drop charges facing detained rights defender and broadcaster Mam Sonando.
5 September 2012 | Bahrain

Human rights groups call for immediate release of all prisoners of conscience in Bahrain

Demonstrators wear masks of Bahraini rights defender Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, sentenced to life in prison. Rights groups criticise High Court decision to uphold "politically motivated" sentences of 13 imprisoned human rights defenders and political leaders.
29 August 2012 | Tunisia

Old-style repression threatens free expression in new Tunisia, says IFEX-TMG

A hundred Tunisian journalists gathered on 22 August in the Kasbah, Tunis to criticising appointments in the public media. IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group protests government appointments at media outlets, as well as mounting attacks on journalists, writers and artists.
17 August 2012 | Bahrain

Release Bahraini human rights activists now, say international groups

A group of 46 human rights organisations led by IFEX calls on member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council to urge Bahrain to release human rights defenders and peaceful opposition activists.
10 August 2012 | Tunisia

Proposed media council undemocratic, says IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group

IFEX-TMG presents its report As Tunisia's Constituent Assembly prepares to review a draft Constitution, the IFEX-TMG expresses its concern about a draft proposal to regulate the media, as well as prison sentences for religious reasons.
3 August 2012 | Philippines

Private prosecutor on media killing cases reflects on her experiences

When asked about her work, the counsel often explains that FFFJ was organised to find ways to counter the culture of impunity surrounding media killings.

UK Foreign Secretary urged to address repression of free speech in UAE

In an open letter to the foreign secretary, rights organisations point to the intimidation campaign against peaceful political activists.
27 July 2012 | Côte d'Ivoire

RSF to Ivorian president: improve media freedoms

On the eve of President Alassane Ouattara's first state visit to France, RSF congratulates him on making necessary improvements but says that much more still needs to be done.
26 July 2012 | Turkey

End legal proceedings against Azerbaijani lawyer, say rights groups

In 2011, Intigam Aliyev was arrested at the Istanbul airport, beaten by guards and deported to Azerbaijan; six months later he learned that Turkish officials had opened a case against him.
25 July 2012 | Syria

RSF pays tribute to citizen journalists killed during uprising

RSF, through a live tweet application, is bringing to life the experiences of people who find ways of circulating information in the midst of danger.
24 July 2012 | United Kingdom

Exports of surveillance technology spark legal action

Secret police in three continents are currently using British technology to enter victims' computers and mobile devices. Privacy International is pressuring the government to ban exports of British surveillance technologies to regimes that routinely engage in internal repression and serious human rights abuses.
23 July 2012 | Mali

Government urged to guarantee safety of journalists in wake of post-coup violence

ARTICLE 19 is concerned over a spate of assaults on and threats against journalists and is calling on the authorities to take immediate action to protect them.
23 July 2012 | Liberia

Liberian president signs Table Mountain declaration

The declaration identifies criminal defamation and 'insult' laws as among the most severe obstacles to the future of the independent press in Africa.
20 July 2012 | Ukraine

End harassment of TVi, say rights groups

The 12 July raid of opposition broadcaster TVi's offices and the interruption of its programming is yet another violation of the station's freedom of expression.
16 July 2012 | Russia

Rights groups sign open letter protesting new law that would brand civil society groups as "foreign agents"

PEN International is among 22 organisations signing onto an open letter that protests against draft legislation that would characterise any NGOs involved in political activities as “foreign agents”‘.
10 July 2012 | United States | Vietnam

Clinton urged to spotlight Internet freedom during visit to Hanoi

The US secretary of state should press Vietnam to tear down its web firewall and release imprisoned bloggers, said Human Rights Watch.
10 July 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG report warns Tunisian government it must act now to guarantee free expression

This report, Spring into Winter? Fragile achievements and exceptional challenges for Tunisian free expression defenders, outlines the status of freedom of expression and association as well as the independence of the judiciary.
10 July 2012 | South Sudan

Step up urgent human rights reforms, says rights group

On the first anniversary of its independence, South Sudan should address impunity, release unlawfully detained prisoners and guarantee freedom of speech, says a new report by Human Rights Watch.
9 July 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG salutes work of INRIC as media freedom body shuts down over obstruction

Kamel Labidi and INRIC team meet IFEX-TMG mission in April 2011 IFEX-TMG is deeply concerned by the prevailing uncertainty and obstruction that have led the independent media body, INRIC, to close its doors; in addition to a smear campaign against INRIC and its President.
9 July 2012 | Egypt

Rights groups launch campaign to monitor president's human rights priorities

The Forum of Independent Egyptian Human Rights Organizations launched a campaign to evaluate the performance of the president-elect during his first 100 days in office on human rights issues, including freedom of expression.
3 July 2012 | South Sudan

World's youngest country yet to embark on road to civil liberties, says RSF mission report

There has been a disturbing accumulation of incidents and isolated acts of repression or intimidation that end up undermining the climate in which journalists and media operate, RSF said.
2 July 2012 | Europe & Central Asia

Rights groups call on European Parliament to reject Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

A joint press release by 53 European and International organisations is urging Members of European Parliament to reject ACTA and engage in positive reform of copyright and patents.
29 June 2012 | Mexico

Two years since murder of Juan Francisco Rodríguez Ríos and Andy María Elvira Hernández Galena

A series of actions commemorating writers and journalists killed in recent years as part of PEN International's focus on Killings with Impunity in 2012.
29 June 2012 | Philippines

Two years under Aquino, abuses go unpunished

President Aquino has not fulfilled his promises to hold accountable security forces implicated in abuses that include the torture, enforced disappearance and killing of activists and journalists.
28 June 2012 | International

IPI World Congress opens with roll-call of 72 journalists killed

IPI executive director Alison Bethel McKenzie speaks at the opening ceremony of the IPI World Congress 2012 in Trinidad and Tobago This is shaping up to be the deadliest year for journalists since IPI began keeping records 15 years ago, with a total of 72 journalists already having lost their lives in 2012, including 20 reporters and citizen journalists who died covering the conflict in Syria.
27 June 2012 | Malawi

MISA meets with President Joyce Banda, pushes for Access to Information law

The meeting drew attention to key issues that are relevant to how the media can function more effectively in the nascent democracy.
27 June 2012 | Ethiopia

Eskinder Nega convicted of "terrorism"

Press freedom and human rights groups condemn politicised trial.
25 June 2012 | Jamaica

Jamaican ministers tell IPI that criminal defamation can be repealed this year

The ministers agreed with IPI that journalists shouldn't go to prison for defamation, noting that there other ways of dealing (with this issue rather) than using criminal courts.
25 June 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG alarmed by recent attacks on artistic expression

IFEX-TMG alarmed by the recent attacks on freedom of expression, in particular against artistic expression, in the name of religion, including seizure of paintings.
25 June 2012 | International

International experts call for a "crime against free expression"

International experts mandated by the UN, AU, OAS and OSCE will call for governments to create a new category of crime against free expression in response to increasing attacks against journalists, human rights defenders and others.
22 June 2012 | Ghana

Rights groups demand immediate passage of Right to Information Bill

Rights groups organised a national conference in Accra to intensify their long campaign for passage into law of the long-delayed bill.
22 June 2012 | Nigeria

National Summit on FOI Act communique

Representatives of key stakeholders met to develop strategies and action plans for effective implementation of the country's FOI Act.
22 June 2012 | Asia & Pacific

SEAPA submission to the AICHR on the right to freedom of opinion and expression in ASEAN

SEAPA welcomed the AICHR's decision to organise a regional consultation on the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration with civil society in the region.
21 June 2012 | Syria

Call to release freedom of expression defenders held incommunicado

Mazen Darwish, SCM Director Over 80 groups around the world call on the authorities to free human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers and writers, some of whom have been detained incommunicado; and request help from UN Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan.
20 June 2012 | International

Refugee journalists need better protection, says RSF

RSF is marking World Refugee Day with an updated version of its guide for journalists who are forced to flee into exile.
20 June 2012 | International

Two special rapporteurs call for accountability in crimes against journalists

The Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions and the Special Rapporteur on free expression both issued reports urging state and non-state actors to secure journalists’ rights by implementing and monitoring international human rights law.
15 June 2012 | Somalia

Mission journal: Somaliland's press harassed, disappointed

Arbitrary arrests and other forms of intimidation have become the order of the day for Somaliland's press, CPJ reports.
14 June 2012 | Kyrgyzstan

Ambassador pledges to address Askarov case

A CPJ delegation met with Muktar Djumaliyev yesterday to discuss the findings of a new report that documents the flawed judicial process that led to journalist Azimjon Askarov's 2010 conviction.
13 June 2012 | India

US should address press freedom during talks with India

Secretary Clinton was urged to address the fact that two Indian journalists remain in jail on anti-state charges.
12 June 2012 | Ethiopia

CPJ and Africa Media Initiative meet minister

In a two-hour meeting, the delegation expressed concern about continuing prosecutions of journalists, particularly under the 2009 anti-terrorism statute, which independent publishers and reporters say has a chilling effect on Ethiopia's small private media sector.
8 June 2012 | Bahrain

Rights organisations alarmed over threats to civil society after trip to UN

Participants at the 21 May event organised during Bahrain's UPR in Geneva. Human rights defenders, activists, journalists, doctors and lawyers who attended Bahrain UPR events in Geneva in May with IFEX members and partners have been threatened for speaking out about violations.
5 June 2012 | Ukraine

Covering the UEFA football championships?

Before you go, there are a few things the IFJ wants you to know about Ukraine's approach to media freedoms.
4 June 2012 | Russia

Safeguard LGBT rights, says Human Rights Watch

The rights group is warning that a ban on "homosexual propaganda" in St. Petersburg is so broad that a person displaying a rainbow flag, wearing a T-shirt with a gay-friendly logo or holding a LGBT-themed rally could be prosecuted.
4 June 2012 | Azerbaijan

Proposed bill to restrict access to information

IRFS believes the amendments, which prevent citizens and journalists from obtaining financial information about Azerbaijani companies, was introduced because reporters and NGOs uncovered links between local businesses and family members of prominent politicians.
1 June 2012 | Azerbaijan

IRFS calls on Hillary Clinton to raise rights issues on upcoming visit

In Azerbaijan, journalists are threatened, attacked and killed with impunity. This must change, says IRFS.
1 June 2012 | Russia

Putin in Paris: Censorship and repression are part of his political model, says RSF

On the occasion of the Russian president's European tour, RSF and international activists staged protests to draw attention to Russia's poor human rights record.
31 May 2012 | Nepal

Mission reminds Nepal: No excuse for deferring press freedom

A new report on the risks to Nepal's media should remind political parties that peace and stability are not prerequisites to media freedom but rather that a strong, independent press operating without fear is a requirement for a healthy civil society.
31 May 2012 | Americas

IFEX-ALC calls for protection of IACHR Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression's mandate

IFEX-ALC members respectfully suggest to our respective governments to ensure that the process of strengthening the Inter-American system does not result in a reduction in the impact in the region of the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression.
30 May 2012 | Egypt

Parliament urged to end state of emergency

The interior minister to release all Emergency Law detainees or refer them to prosecutors to be charged, and ask the public prosecutor to transfer all Emergency State Security Court (ESSC) trials to regular civilian courts, says Human Rights Watch.
30 May 2012 | Philippines

Violence against journalists and activists dramatically increased since 1st UPR review

ARTICLE 19 has called for the UN member states to raise concerns to the Philippines regarding violence against individuals exercising free speech and the culture of impunity, the absence of a right-to-information law, and the use of criminal defamation laws to silence critics.
29 May 2012 | International

Journalists' safety back on top of world community's agenda, says IFJ

Among the issues examined at last week's debate on the safety of journalists at the 12th Doha Forum was the strengthening of national laws to end impunity.
29 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

President urged to investigate attacks on, imprisonment of journalists

In an open letter to Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, IPI raised the cases of six journalists currently imprisoned in his country and urged the president to move forward on decriminalising defamation in Azerbaijan.
25 May 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG calls for seven-year sentences to be overturned

Ahead of a court of appeal hearing on 28 May, IFEX-TMG urges judiciary to quash the seven-year prison terms handed down to Ghazi Ben Mohamed Beji and Jaber Ben Abdallah Majri for online publishing.
23 May 2012 | Ethiopia

Obama should raise press freedom in Africa food talks, says CPJ

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's government downplays food crises by denying journalists access to sensitive areas and censoring independent coverage.
23 May 2012 | Pakistan

Call for revision of National Human Rights Commission law

President Asif Ali Zardari should not sign the bill until it is revised to authorise investigations of the military and the intelligence agencies for human rights violations, Human Rights Watch said.
23 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

Eurovision must shine light on mistreatment of journalists, says IFJ

Journalists and broadcasters descending upon Baku to report on Eurovision should also focus the media spotlight on the host’s treatment of their Azeri colleagues, says IFJ secretary-general.
22 May 2012 | Ecuador

Seventeen states request respect for freedom of expression

Seventeen states from the Americas, Europe and Asia suggested that the Ecuadorian government should respect and guarantee the freedoms of the press and of expression in the country.
22 May 2012 | Bahrain

ARTICLE 19's submission to the Universal Periodic Review

ARTICLE 19 has called on the UN member states to urge the authorities to commit to preventing harassment of journalists and human rights defenders, stop controlling and censoring the media, increase internet freedom and end violations of the right to peaceful protest.
22 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

International freedom of expression coalition launches website ahead of Eurovision

The International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan's website examines the alarming freedom of expression situation in Azerbaijan, where journalists and others face blackmail, intimidation, violence, and imprisonment for expressing critical views.
22 May 2012 | Senegal

Freedom of expression and access to information key to promoting equal political representation, says ARTICLE 19

The law on parity constitutes an integral part of the legal framework of Senegal, one of the most protective and progressive laws on women’s rights.
18 May 2012 | Bahrain

One hundred organisations call to end assault on freedom of speech, and to free all detained human rights defenders and netizens

UPDATE: The president of IFEX member Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), Nabeel Rajab, was re-arrested and sentenced to three years in prison on 16 August. Many other human rights defenders remain in prison, including BCHR's founder Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, and his daughter, Zainab Al-Khawaja.
18 May 2012 | International

Let us participate in WCIT preparations, say civil society groups

Preparations are under way for the World Conference on International Telecommunications, which will be held in Dubai in December 2012. Civil society groups say the process so far has not been transparent and are calling for greater involvement.
16 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

A visit with journalist Idrak Abbasov

On 18 April, journalist Idrak Abbasov was brutally attacked while he reported on the demolition of houses in his village. Rebecca Vincent recently visited him at his home outside Baku.
16 May 2012 | Russia

Punk collective Pussy Riot gives exclusive interview to IFEX member Index on Censorship

Members of the band who have not yet been arrested are now in hiding, but they responded to interview questions by email.
16 May 2012 | International

34 Multimedia Magazine from Belarus to receive IPI's 2012 Free Media Pioneer Award

Founded and published by Belarusian journalist Iryna Vidanava, the magazine is a revived multimedia version of Studentskaya Dumka, a banned, Belarusian-language youth magazine.
15 May 2012 | Thailand

Two years after crackdown, still no justice

In a video, victims and their family members from both sides demand justice and tell Human Rights Watch that the failure to investigate and prosecute those responsible for abuses during the 2010 violence would lead to a cycle of violence and impunity.
15 May 2012 | Indonesia

Rights record under scrutiny at UN

UN members states should push for the adoption of specific measures to ensure free expression and accountability for abuses, said Human Rights Watch.
14 May 2012 | International

CRNI announces winners of 2012 Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award

The winners are Ali Ferzat from Syria and Aseem Trivedi from India.
11 May 2012 | United Kingdom

Queen announces defamation reform bill

The bill, which will curb aggressive libel lawsuits and protect free expression for journalists, writers and scientists, is the first wholesale attempt at reform since 1843.
11 May 2012 | Indonesia | Asia & Pacific

AMARC calls for legislative reform and equitable frequency distribution

The AMARC regional coordinator mentioned the lack of proper enabling legislation as the single principal barrier to community radio sustainability and called for a fair, open, transparent, and efficient process of awarding and regulating broadcasting licences for community radios.
10 May 2012 | Africa

ARTICLE 19's oral statement to the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the inclusion by the Special Rapporteur in her agenda of future activities of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression in Africa.
10 May 2012 | International

Panel discusses effective mechanisms to ensure safety of journalists worldwide

Panellists discuss journalists safety at UNESCO's World Press Freedom Day conference in Tunis on 4 May 2012 Panelists stressed that cooperation with local media, as well as publicity and advocacy efforts are key means to end attacks against journalists.
9 May 2012 | Egypt

ARTICLE 19 outlines how to protect free expression and information in new constitution

The new Constitution is on the verge of being drafted and ARTICLE 19 has produced a comprehensive policy brief outlining how the new Constitution should protect the right to freedom of expression and freedom of information In order to support the forthcoming work of the drafters.
8 May 2012 | United Kingdom | Pakistan

CPJ calls on Cameron to address journalists' security in upcoming meetings

CPJ data show that the country has been ranked the deadliest in the world for journalists for two consecutive years.
8 May 2012 | Thailand

TJA highlights new challenges for press freedom

Amid divisive ideas and political ideologies that have led to the use of violence, the local media are now having difficulties, as several conflicting political parties have started their own media businesses including newspapers, satellite-broadcast televisions and social media.
8 May 2012 | Zimbabwe

Publisher Trevor Ncube wins inaugural MISA-Zimbabwe Press Freedom Award

The AMH publisher was presented the award for continuing to provide platforms and access to critical alternative views and ideas on Zimbabwe's socio-economic and political issues.
8 May 2012 | Iran

Authorities urged to free students jailed for speaking out

A joint campaign initiated by Iranian and international student and rights groups calls for the unconditional and immediate release of the 32 students in prison on various national security-related charges.
7 May 2012 | Pakistan

IFJ launches mission reports

PFUJ and IFJ deployed four missions to assess the situation on the ground in some of the most dangerous and under-reported provinces in the country - Balochistan, Interior Sindh, the Khyber-FATA region and Punjab.
7 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

European Broadcasting Union should speak out on government's appalling record on freedom of expression, says Human Rights Watch

On the eve of World Press Freedom Day, the EBU held a workshop in Geneva on media freedom in Azerbaijan but failed to use the opportunity to call the government to task and to speak out about Azerbaijan’s abysmal record on freedom of expression.
7 May 2012 | International

Media freedom in the spotlight "as rarely before", says Index on Censorship

The last year has seen tumultuous shifts for media freedom. But core problems still remain in the world’s troublespots, says Index on Censorship's news editor, Padraig Reidy.
4 May 2012 | International

CRNI pays tribute to editorial cartoonists on World Press Freedom Day

Source: Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar One of the most troubling trends today in many countries is the use of technological advancements to imprison for long terms not only cartoonists, but also non-media individuals who do nothing more than post a cartoon on a blog or Facebook page, says CRNI.
4 May 2012 | Malaysia

Time to rally for free and fair media, says CIJ

On World Press Freedom Day 2012, the Centre for Independent Journalism renews its call to the people to reclaim their right to a media that can play its role of bearing witness and informing society.
4 May 2012 | Nigeria

MRA celebrates World Press Freedom Day with YouTube videos on free expression

MRA has uploaded five videos in which the group talks briefly on the significance of World Press Freedom Day in Nigeria.
4 May 2012 | Europe & Central Asia

"The struggle for press freedom is a continuing endeavour," says IPI affiliate

SEEMO noted that a number of journalists' murders remain unsolved and the media face ongoing physical and verbal threats, especially during pre-election periods.
4 May 2012 | Canada

CJFE reflects on the state of rights on World Press Freedom Day

"If we value press freedom, we all need to take a closer look at the state of these rights here at home. When we look beyond the words of the Charter to the daily reality for working journalists, we see a gradual erosion of freedoms. And our government is a contributing factor, " said CJFE.
4 May 2012 | Somalia

IFJ welcomes landmark ACHPR resolution on protection of journalists

The resolution calls on authorities and armed groups to end ongoing violations against journalists, media practitioners and organisations.
4 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

IRFS highlights sustained, aggressive suppression of the media

Jailings, smear campaigns, trumped-up charges against journalists and unsolved murders: the free expression situation in Azerbaijan
4 May 2012 | International

IPI marks World Press Freedom Day 2012

Executive Director Alison Bethel McKenzie issued a statement to commemorate the day.
3 May 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG launches new initiatives on World Press Freedom Day

The new work includes a literary anthology edited by the president of PEN Tunisia Naziha Rejiba, a training manual on online advocacy, a workshop for cartoonists, and a national newspaper and billboard campaign championing free expression rights as Tunisia’s Constituent Assembly continues to negotiate a new national constitution.
3 May 2012 | Philippines

CMFR creates special web page to highlight press freedom and freedom of expression

The site calls attention to three major issues: the rampant killing of journalists which demonstrate the prevailing culture of impunity in the Philippines; the use of criminal libel to stifle dissent; and the failure to pass a freedom of information law.
3 May 2012 | Asia & Pacific

World Press Freedom Day: Online media is the space to watch in Southeast Asia

SEAPA marks World Press Freedom Day with the release of 10 country reports on the situation of press freedom in the region.
3 May 2012 | Indonesia

AJI calls on authorities to shed light on cases of eight murdered journalists

AJI stated that the commemoration of World Press Freedom Day on 3 May 2012 has to be the drive for law enforcers to end the practice of impunity that benefits journalists' killers.
3 May 2012 | Tunisia

Workshops on "Internet serving freedom of expression" conclude ahead of World Press Freedom Day

The workshop included theoretical, technical, and practical training on blogging, social networks, photography, and filming in support of freedom of expression.
3 May 2012 | Tunisia

World Press Freedom Day highlights lack of progress on media reform, says ARTICLE 19

ARTICLE 19 calls on the government to make use of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day event held in Tunis as a golden opportunity to advance the media reform package.

PNG media pioneer honored on WPFD day

A minute of silence before a WPFD Editors Forum will honour the late Yehiura Hriehwazi, one of Papua New Guinea's leading journalists, who died suddenly on 8 January 2012.
3 May 2012 | International

Bangladeshi and Tibetan bloggers win Best of Blog "RSF category" awards

Bangladeshi journalist Abu Sufian's blog is the jury choice in the "RSF category" of this year's BOBs.
3 May 2012 | Caribbean

On World Press Freedom Day ACM urges affiliates to promote reform of media-related laws

"Though we have generally escaped the worst impacts of impunity, violence and official aggression, Caribbean social communicators and journalists have not eluded the potentially muting impacts of self-censorship, unenlightened regulation and challenging economic, social and political circumstances," said ACM.
3 May 2012 | International

Every five days, a journalist is killed: RSF

To mark World Press Freedom Day, RSF has also named new six members to its infamous list of press freedom predators.
3 May 2012 | Palestine | Israel

World Press Freedom Day: an occasion to defend freedom of expression

For Palestinian journalists, the day highlights the daily challenges they face, with increasing violations against media freedoms by the Israeli forces and Palestinian parties in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
3 May 2012 | Philippines

US urged to press for justice, keep aid conditional on holding rights abusers accountable

The US recently missed a key opportunity to engage publicly with the Philippine military about the need to end impunity for serious human rights abuses, Human Rights Watch notes.
3 May 2012 | International

Reporters targeted in record numbers and brutal ways

The current treaties, action plans and standards to protect journalists aren't working, says IPI. It's time we looked at other means to keep our reporters safe.
3 May 2012 | International

IFJ marks World Press Freedom Day by calling for release of jailed journalists

"We are witnessing unprecedented levels of criminal litigation against journalists in many countries. Governments must repeal criminal defamation laws and review anti-terror laws, which represent a major obstacle to genuine press freedom,” said IFJ.
3 May 2012 | International

Make a free press the "headline for democratic transition"

WAN-IFRA releases exclusive interviews, photos and materials about the importance of press freedom and the risks facing professional and citizen journalists.
3 May 2012 | Europe & Central Asia

World Press Freedom Day: In Europe, Turkey still in focus

As part of the IFJ's Turkish campaign, the organisation has encouraged its affiliates to "adopt" a journalist in prison. This involves following news on the journalist's case, corresponding with the journalist in jail, and highlighting the case to other members.
2 May 2012 | International

PEN International celebrates rights of all citizens to access information and truth

These rights are persistently denied by repressive regimes often in collusion, implicit or otherwise, with powerful non-state players.
2 May 2012 | Americas

IAPA reflects on media issues while celebrating World Press Freedom Day

IAPA voices concerns on the direct and subtle economic, legal, and judicial means used against the news media in a number of countries in the region that result in prior restraint and self-censorship, harming not only the news media itself, but most importantly, weakening the public’s right to receive information.
2 May 2012 | Canada

Federal government continues to receive failing grade on issue of free expression

Examining issues including privacy and anonymity on the Internet, cyber surveillance, whistleblowers, access to information, and collaborative journalism, CJFE's third annual Review of Free Expression in Canada provides an overview of issues facing Canadians from coast to coast.
2 May 2012 | Tunisia

Regional cartoonists at IFEX-TMG workshop in Tunisia express “hope and resolve”

Regional cartoonists draw cartoons collectively as part of the workshop organised by the IFEX-TMG "This workshop has demonstrated clearly that in Tunisia editorial cartoonists will be on the cutting edge of free speech," said CRNI Executive Director Robert Russell.
2 May 2012 | West Africa

MFWA salutes journalists on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day

MFWA notes with special concern the harrowing experience of media rights defenders in countries like Guinea Bissau and Mali who have had to perform their duties under harsh conditions imposed as a result of the recent coups in both countries.
2 May 2012 | Indonesia

AJI calls for support for campaign against impunity

World Press Freedom Day will be commemorated on 3 May 2012 in Indonesia with the theme "Against Impunity - Put Killers of Journalists on Trial."
2 May 2012 | Philippines

Attacking press freedom while "enhancing" it - a statement by the Freedom Fund for Filipino Journalists

When Congress re-convenes on 7 May it will be discussing a Freedom of Information (FOI) bill that, while not perfect, is generally acceptable to the media and civil society groups that have been working for the passage of an FOI act since the 1990s.
1 May 2012 | South Africa

Panel issues recommendations to improve media self-regulation

Nearly 200 journalists gathered to hear the much-anticipated findings of the organisation charged with designing a “gold standard” regulatory system for print media.
1 May 2012 | Southern Africa

MISA concerned by growing intolerance of media freedom in the region

Even in so-called progressive countries like South Africa, MISA has witnessed deliberate assaults on journalists, media practitioners and media houses.
1 May 2012 | Indonesia

EU-Indonesia dialogue should address restraints on free expression

A new trend in Indonesia is the use of criminal defamation laws targeting religious minorities, Human Rights Watch has found.
1 May 2012 | United States

California Legislature recognises World Press Freedom Day

The resolution recognizes the role a free press plays within California and throughout the world in sustaining and monitoring democracy, contributing to greater accountability in government, and promoting civic participation and economic development.
1 May 2012 | Mexico

Journalist Marcela Turati sheds light on the social effects of drug trafficking violence

"The majority of Mexican journalists have become war correspondents in their own country ever since President Felipe Calderón launched his war against drug trafficking and the battles spilled out into the streets," says Turati.
1 May 2012 | Saudi Arabia

Authorities urged to abolish terrorism court

The Specialized Criminal Court, set up in 2008 to try terrorism cases, is increasingly used to try peaceful dissidents and rights activists on politicized charges and in proceedings that violate the right to a fair trial and the rights to freedom of expression.
1 May 2012 | Ethiopia

Thirty-two IFEX members urge authorities to release journalist Eskinder Nega

On 1 May, jailed journalist Eskinder Nega, facing the death penalty, receives in absentia the 2012 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award. Thirty-two IFEX members are calling for his release, and an end to the use of national security legislation against all writers and journalists.
30 April 2012 | Somalia

World Press Freedom Day 2012: The story of Mohamed Ibrahim

In Somalia, a nation of ever-shifting fortunes, the first few months of 2012 have been particularly deadly for the media.
27 April 2012 | Pakistan

Investigative journalist Umar Cheema recounts struggle for freedom

"Instead of bowing to tyranny, I decided to stand brave and firm", said this award-winning journalist.
26 April 2012 | International

Mitigating risks to report safely, CPJ launches Journalist Security Guide

The interactive guide covers topics such as protecting digital information, preparing for armed conflict, covering organised crime and corruption, and mitigating the risk of sexual violence.
26 April 2012 | Kazakhstan

Twenty-seven IFEX members call for investigation into brutal attacks on journalists

Twenty-seven IFEX members appeal for end to impunity in recent brutal attacks on journalists in Kazakhstan, including near-fatal attack on Luqpan Akhmedyarov in April.
25 April 2012 | Australia | Vietnam

Australia urged to press for human rights improvements in Vietnam

Vietnam should be urged to release all political prisoners and to end restrictions on the freedoms of expression, association, peaceful assembly, belief, and religion when the two sides meet for their annual bilateral human rights dialogue, Human Rights Watch said.
25 April 2012 | International

Media Rights Agenda welcomes UN plan for journalists' safety

The plan, which is promoted by UNESCO, calls for governments and inter-governmental agencies to create a free and safe environment for media workers in both conflict and non-conflict zones.
24 April 2012 | Africa

APAI calls on ACHPR to advance the right to access information

The APAI working group called on the Commission to recognise 28 September as International Right to Know Day.
24 April 2012 | Western Europe

Journalists regularly barred from immigrant detention centres, campaign shows

As the month-long campaign "Open the doors! We have the right to know" comes to a close, RSF and its partners attempt to shine a light on the conditions of migrants in detention facilities across Europe.
23 April 2012 | Syria

Rights activists brought to trial, others still held incommunicado

Nineteen rights organisations condemn the ongoing secret detention of Mazen Darwish and four of his colleagues from the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, after seven of their colleagues and one visitor began trial under the military penal code.
23 April 2012 | Ethiopia

IPI World Press Freedom Heroes condemn imprisonment of journalist Eskinder Nega

Renowned journalists call for an end to the persecution of journalists in Ethiopia.
23 April 2012 | Canada

Bill C-11 casts shadow over World Book Day celebrations

IPA is sending a letter to Canadian ministers about proposed legislation that poses a serious threat to educational publishing and creativity in general.
20 April 2012 | Tunisia

Workshop on "Internet and Free Expression" held in Sidi Bouzid

The workshop, organised by ANHRI and the Tunisian Center for Freedom of the Press, included practical training on new media and social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Flickr) and techniques of live broadcasts using mobile devices in addition to using the Internet to design campaigns.
19 April 2012 | Africa

MISA stresses need for access to information in Africa

Referring to the African Platform on Access to Information campaign initiated in 2011, MISA said access to information is a right that many African citizens were still struggling to realise.
17 April 2012 | Bahrain

Fifty IFEX members and partners call for freedom for Bahraini human rights defenders, bloggers and activists

In advance of the Formula 1, 50 IFEX members and partners call for detained activists and human rights defenders to be freed, including blogger and activist Abduljalil Al-Singace and human rights activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, founder of IFEX member the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, who is ailing in prison since starting a hunger strike on 8 February.
16 April 2012 | Bahrain

Grand Prix decision ignores abuses, says Human Rights Watch

The decision to go ahead with the Grand Prix on April 22, 2012, gives the country's rulers the opportunity they are seeking to obscure the seriousness of the country’s human rights situation, says Human Rights Watch.
13 April 2012 | International | Ethiopia

PEN awards top prize to jailed journalist Eskinder Nega

Nega, who was arrested in September 2011, is being tried under the country's sweeping anti-terror legislation and faces the death penalty if convicted.
10 April 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG alarmed by ongoing attacks targeting demonstrators, media, performers and academics

The IFEX-TMG is alarmed at attacks and prison sentences based on religious morality charges, as well as the use of force by police on demonstrators.
9 April 2012 | Nepal

Government urged to adopt free press recommendations

The International Fact Finding and Advocacy Media Mission to Nepal has finished its review of specific provisions from the country's draft constitution that the Constituent Assembly will finalize by 28 May.
9 April 2012 | International

Journalists provide global prescription for fighting violence and impunity

The participants pointed to cases in Mexico, Pakistan and Russia to highlight the urgent need for effective government measures to protect journalists worldwide.
5 April 2012 | Belarus

New campaign highlights free expression abuses in "Europe's last dictatorship"

The campaign includes suggestions for a strategy of targeted sanctions against the regime and a need to reach out to and engage civil society.
5 April 2012 | Iraq

Forty-four IFEX members and partners call proposed cyber crimes law a setback to free speech

An open letter by 44 organisations calls Iraq's proposed Information Technology Crimes law a threat to the fundamental freedoms necessary for the evolution of free speech and a vibrant press. The law will come to vote in the Iraqi Council of Representatives in April.
3 April 2012 | Ukraine

International delegation expresses concern about press freedom

Representatives from several rights organisations welcomed a law guaranteeing access to information and the establishment of a presidential interagency working group on media freedom, but expressed concerns about impunity, lack of media independence and an environment of corruption and lack of transparency in general.
2 April 2012 | Pakistan

Global coalition of NGOs calls for official withdrawal of censorship plans

A letter by the coalition comes as a follow up to a verbal commitment by the Secretary IT that the plan for a national URL filtering and blocking system, announced earlier this year, has been withdrawn.
30 March 2012 | Burma

Role of freedom of expression in democratisation processes: an ARTICLE 19 presentation

During a conference on media development, ARTICLE 19's executive director spoke about the place of freedom of expression / media laws and legal reforms in the country's democratisation process.
29 March 2012 | Bahrain

Nine human rights organisations raise freedom of expression demands with Arab League

Among the demands expressed by the rights organisations is the immediate release of human rights activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, whose health is severely compromised after 50 days of hunger strike.
26 March 2012 | Djibouti

RSF asks UN rapporteur to help end journalist's torture

Mendez was urged to intervene on behalf of radio journalist Farah Abadid Hildid, who works for the Europe-based station La Voix de Djibouti.
23 March 2012 | International

On the 36th anniversary of the ICCPR, an opportunity to protect free speech

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights imposes legally binding obligations on states to respect a number of human rights, including the right to freedom of expression.
20 March 2012 | Israel

IPI expresses support for journalist facing seven years in prison

Uri Blau faces charges under the country’s Espionage Act and seven years in prison over articles he wrote for the newspaper Haaretz using classified military documents passed to him by an Israeli conscript in 2009.
19 March 2012 | Ecuador

IFEX-ALC acknowledges Ecuadoran president's decision

IFEX-ALC values the pardon granted by President Rafael Correa, exempting three directors of the daily "El Universo" and a former feature writer from a sentence of three years in prison and a US$40 million fine, and refraining from pursuing further judicial action against the authors of the book "El Gran Hermano".
16 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

International groups show solidarity with Khadija Ismayilova in the face of escalating harassment

The International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan, a coalition of international NGOs working to promote and protect freedom of expression in Azerbaijan, has condemned the blackmail and continued harassment of Ismayilova, one of the few independent investigative journalists working in the country.
16 March 2012 | Vietnam

Government urged to release bloggers, dismiss all charges

SEAPA joined the Media Legal Defence Initiative and other human rights organisations in calling for the release of five bloggers arbitrarily detained for more than seven months.
15 March 2012 | Syria

Russia urged to back UN action to stop bloodshed, grant access to journalists

A coalition of 200 NGOs from 27 countries is demanding that the UN Security Council immediately unite and pass a resolution calling on the government to bring an immediate end to its indiscriminate shelling and attacks on peaceful protesters.
15 March 2012 | International

RSF keeps UNESCO consultative status, condemns defamatory attacks

In a recent UNESCO executive council meeting, several countries blocked RSF's promotion to associate NGO status and accused the organisation of "spying" and "activities on behalf of the US government" – accusations that RSF says are typical of repressive regimes and their supporters.
14 March 2012 | Turkey

Six months later, Nobel Peace Prize nominee still behind bars

Following the release of four prominent journalists, IPA urges the Turkish authorities to also release publisher Ragip Zarakolu, who is being held on pre-trial detention and has not been allowed access to his lawyers.
14 March 2012 | Uganda

Government paying lip service to UPR mechanism, deplores HRNJ-Uganda

It is over 120 days since the government pledged to implement 170 recommendations in the area of human rights during the review at the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva in October 2011, but Uganda still falls well short of implementation.
13 March 2012 | International | Syria

Syrian citizen journalists and activists awarded Google-sponsored RSF Netizen Prize

Syrian activist Jasmine accepted the prize on behalf of activists inside the country Nominees came from around the globe at the ceremony, from Russia to Syria to Brazil, China and beyond, a geographic diversity that reflects the growing impact of the Net.
12 March 2012 | Canada

CJFE marks World Day Against Cyber Censorship by highlighting concerns with internet regulations

"Although Canada does not face the same type of Internet blackouts or direct online censorship and takedowns as many other countries, this does not mean that we can be complacent, or that we do not have reason for concern," said CJFE.
12 March 2012 | Egypt

Authorities urged to close case against foreign NGOs, hold ministers accountable

CIHRS, ANHRI, EOHR, and other rights organisations applaud the Supreme Judicial Council for instigating an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the case, and recommend that the findings of the investigation be made public.
12 March 2012 | Bahrain

On World Day Against Cyber Censorship, BCHR calls for action from authorities, an audio live streaming website, was broadcasting a mass rally of opposition groups when it was suddenly blocked Amid last year's events, many websites were reported blocked due to their reporting on casualties among protestors and uploading photos and videos of peaceful protests being brutally attacked by security forces.
12 March 2012 | International

In honour of World Day against Cyber-Censorship, RSF releases new list of internet enemies

Bahrain and Belarus have been added to the "Enemies of the Internet" category, and India and Kazakhstan have been classified as "countries under surveillance."
9 March 2012 | Equatorial Guinea

Disappointing vote by UNESCO on Obiang prize

An 8 March decision by the executive board to change the controversial award's name and press UNESCO's Director General Irina Bokova to implement it was due to be formally adopted in a plenary session.
8 March 2012 | Palestine

MADA calls for an end to all forms of discrimination against women journalists

To mark the occasion of International Women’s Day, MADA congratulates Palestinian women and women around the globe, especially journalists, on their accomplishments in all professional fields.
8 March 2012 | Southern Africa

MISA celebrates women journalists on the occasion of International Women's Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, MISA salutes and appreciates the efforts all women, especially the journalists, media professionals and media scholars who continue to make immense contributions to the growth and development of journalism and media in the Southern African region.
8 March 2012 | Bangladesh

International Women's Day 2012: Writing wrongs against women

ARTICLE 19 has implemented a pilot project in Bangladesh on the issue of women's participation in the media, and has found evidence of gender-based discrimination and censorship.
8 March 2012 | Venezuela

Freedom of expression continues to decline following government's rejection of UN recommendations

IFEX-ALC calls for and invites the government to accept its responsibilities with respect to freedom of expression by accepting the UPR recommendations, and to comply with all international freedom of expression standards.
7 March 2012 | Ethiopia

Ban Ki-moon should speak out on imprisoned journalists, says IPI

In an open letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, IPI asks him to speak out against the use of anti-terrorism legislation against media members.
7 March 2012 | Equatorial Guinea

Twenty-three African press freedom groups and journalists urge UNESCO to abolish Obiang prize

The signatories noted that while President Obiang has offered to remove his name from the prize, this does not erase the concern that his US$3 million donation links him and the abuses of his government to UNESCO, thereby undercutting the organisation’s worthy mission.
6 March 2012 | Egypt

Multinational telecoms colluded with state during revolution, says CIHRS

"A clear policy of zero tolerance should be adopted by the international community and private companies concerning the cutting off of communications systems at anytime, for any reason," argued CIHRS.
5 March 2012 | Somalia

"Stop the bloodbath, protect journalists and free expression," UN Human Rights Council told

Panelists (left to right): Esther Busser (ITUC), Somalia Ambassador Yusuf Mohamed Ismail, Omar Faruk Osman (NUSOJ), Jim Boumelha (IFJ) and Hélène Sackstein (RSF). At a side event held at the 19th session of the UNHRC in Geneva, NUSOJ, IFJ, ITUC and RSF highlighted attacks on journalists' rights and free expression, and exposed authorities' inability to prevent, investigate and punish perpetrators of crimes against journalists.
5 March 2012 | Turkey

One year on, prominent reporter and IPI World Press Freedom Hero languishes in prison

"The fact that Nedim Sener has been taken away from his family and locked up for a year on allegations that this journalism was a sham designed to protect those whose wrongdoing it exposed is both tragic and absurd," says IPI.
5 March 2012 | Bahrain

Fifty rights groups call on King to free Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, whose life is at risk in prison

Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja Fifty IFEX members and other rights groups call on the Bahrain authorities to release from prison human rights defender Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, whose life is at risk since beginning a hunger strike on 8 February.
2 March 2012 | Ghana

MFWA-MUSIGA statement marking Music Freedom Day

In Ghana, musicians have faced threats, insults and intimidation from opposing political party activists for composing songs for political parties of their choice during election campaigns.
2 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

Seven years on, still no justice for Elmar Huseynov

The editor of "Monitor" press agency was murdered in Baku in 2005; the killers have not been brought to justice.
1 March 2012 | Bangladesh

IPI completes press freedom mission

Mission delegates urged authorities to address the impunity related to attacks on, and killings of, journalists in the past 15 years, and to improve the legal framework affecting the media.
1 March 2012 | International

Golden Pen of Freedom awarded to Anabel Hernández

The Mexican journalist and writer said she was driven to focus on investigative journalism after the kidnapping and murder of her father in December 2000. Police investigators told the family that they were only willing to investigate the crime if the family paid them.
29 February 2012 | Ecuador

Fundamedios welcomes "El Universo" pardon, but calls for continued monitoring of government's actions

"We prompt the international community to remain alert of any attempt to take down or weaken a scheme for the protection of rights," said the organisation.
29 February 2012 | Montenegro

IPI releases report on press freedom mission

The mission concluded that quality journalism is scarce, competition between media outlets is fierce, and content is determined by media owners and powerful individuals.
28 February 2012 | Sri Lanka

RSF calls on UNHRC to condemn violations of freedom of information

The organisation feels that an immediate reaction is needed to stem the obstruction of journalists who want to cover the activities of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission.
28 February 2012 | Nepal

Mission finds worsening law reform, impunity and self-censorship

The International Fact Finding and Advocacy Mission to Nepal visited the country from 23 to 27 February 2012 to assess the media freedom situation.
28 February 2012 | Middle East & North Africa

CIHRS submits interventions to UNHRC to bring attention to struggle for democracy in the region

CIHRS is concerned that despite the continued deterioration of the human rights situation in some Arab states such as Egypt and Bahrain, the UN Human Rights Council did not set aside separate sessions for these countries on the agenda.
28 February 2012 | International

RSF supports demand to open detention centres to the media

RSF has joined a campaign - launched by European Alternatives and Migreurop - aimed at claiming the right of citizens to know what happens in centres where migrants are held.
28 February 2012 | Uganda

Admit UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, urges HRNJ-Uganda

HRNJ-Uganda is shocked by the government's rejection of recommendations made to it during the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism to admit the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression to visit the country and assess the human rights situation.
27 February 2012 | Equatorial Guinea

Eliminate Obiang Prize, urge seven civil society groups

Critics oppose President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo's proposal to rename the award.
27 February 2012 | Côte d'Ivoire

Media practitioners and associations adopt new code of ethics

The new code of ethics is an outcome of the first phase of a media sector reform project undertaken by MFWA in partnership with IMS.
24 February 2012 | Morocco

Clinton urged to pressure reform of repressive speech laws

Human Rights Watch also urges the US Secretary of State to pressure authorities to free leading journalist Rachid Nini, who is serving a one-year sentence for articles he wrote.
23 February 2012 | Serbia

IPI challenges authorities to solve journalist murder cases, protect journalists under threat

Currently, five journalists in Serbia specialised in reporting on corruption have been given 24-hour police protection by the Ministry of the Interior but police have been unable to eliminate the sources of threat, which come mostly from mafia-like organisations.
23 February 2012 | Ecuador

Fundamedios condemns brutal blow against fundamental freedoms

Fundamedios believes that the sentence against "El Universo" will have calamitous consequences, not just for the exercise of the freedom of expression, but also for the effectiveness of democracy in Ecuador.
22 February 2012 | Syria

Authorities urged to immediately and unconditionally release Mazen Darwish and other detained activists

Mazen Darwish, as well as seven of his colleagues and a visitor, remain under arrest following a recent raid on the Damascus offices of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression.
21 February 2012 | Canada

CJFE calls on government to stop muzzling scientists and researchers

In an letter to Prime Minister Harper, CJFE and their campaign partner organizations urge the government to implement a policy of transparent and timely communication to allow scientists to speak to the media.
21 February 2012 | Trinidad and Tobago

IPI writes open letter to commissioner of police about recent media raids

IPI addressed an open letter to Dwayne Gibbs, Trinidad & Tobago’s Commissioner of Police, regarding recent intimidation tactics against journalists and media houses perpetrated by the police force.
17 February 2012 | Ecuador

IFEX-ALC concerned over recent developments that undermine and jeopardise fundamental freedoms

The first incident involves the onerous, disproportionate and unjustified sentence handed down against journalists Juan Carlos Calderón and Christian Zurita, writers of the book "El Gran Hermano" (Big Brother), which highlights lucrative government contracts obtained by President Rafael Correa's brother.
16 February 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG concerned by series of setbacks, calls on authorities to consolidate free expression in the country

The IFEX-TMG calls on the government to immediately pass the application decrees regarding the establishment of the HAICA – a regulatory body consisting of experts and representatives of all stakeholders to protect media against all forms of corruption and abuse.
14 February 2012 | Bahrain

One year on, authorities urged to address abuses, implement comprehensive reform

For months the government has made token gestures rather than implement reforms that address the root causes of the grievances of the protestors, says Freedom House.
14 February 2012 | Senegal

RSF monitors freedom of information, media behaviour during presidential election campaign

During his five-day visit, RSF's representative is due to meet with government officials, journalists and news media.
13 February 2012 | Zimbabwe

MISA publishes position on inclusion of media freedoms in draft constitution

The proposed draft constitution explicitly guarantees not only media freedoms and access to information, but also protects journalists and their sources.
13 February 2012 | International

AMARC celebrates first World Radio Day

The day's goals are to raise awareness about the value of radio and encourage the development of sustainable community radio as a voice for marginalized members of society.
10 February 2012 | Eritrea

RSF lawyer pleads on behalf of imprisoned journalists

The plea demonstrated that national laws and international treaties should provide protection to Dawit Isaac and his detained colleagues.
10 February 2012 | International | Sri Lanka | Chechnya (Russia)

RSF to create mirror sites to fight censorship

The organisation will host mirror sites of the Sri Lankan online newspaper Lanka-e-News and the Chechen magazine Dosh.
8 February 2012 | China

IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign Bulletin - February 2012

IFJ issues its February 2012 bulletin on the state of press freedom in China.
8 February 2012 | Tunisia

Confirmation of court order could lead to return of Internet censorship

As the Tunisian Internet Agency has neither the financial resources nor technical capacity to establish a filtering system, it did not comply with the August 2011 court decision and referred the case to the country’s highest appeal court.
7 February 2012 | Kazakhstan

Twenty-nine IFEX members call for release of independent newspaper editor

Twenty-nine IFEX members have signed a letter to the Prosecutor General about the detention of editor Igor Vinyavsky, whose detention is believed to be politically motivated, calling for him to be released and for the evidence leading to his arrest to be made public.
31 January 2012 | Philippines

CMFR hails UNHRC recommendations

The United Nations Human Rights Committee declared that the provisions of the country’s Revised Penal Code (RPC) penalizing libel as a criminal offense is “incompatible with Article 19, paragraph three of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)” to which the Philippines is a signatory.
31 January 2012 | Bahrain

BCHR concerned about Bahrain's election to UNESCO education bureau

BCHR demands that Bahrain's membership in the UNESCO IBE be frozen, and contingent on the authorities taking steps to put an end to the targeting of members of the education sector.
30 January 2012 | Bahrain

Freedom House opposes US arms sale

Because the new arms sale is being broken up into multiple small pieces, it does not fall under Congressional notification requirements and details do not have to be made public. 

27 January 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG delegation meets members of the Constituent Assembly

The delegation reaffirmed the necessity to enshrine the right to freedom of expression in the future constitution, to guarantee press freedom and the independence of public service media.
26 January 2012 | International | France

RSF releases press freedom index for 2011/2012

The Arab world was the motor of history in 2011 but the Arab uprisings have had contrasting political outcomes so far, with Tunisia and Bahrain at opposite ends of the scale.
26 January 2012 | International

IFJ welcomes call for greater protection of media at major conference in Doha

The conference participants agreed to submit to the UN General Assembly recommendations for the enforcement of legal instruments that bind national authorities to prevent and punish violence against journalists.
25 January 2012 | Sri Lanka

IFJ joins 'Black January' campaign against attacks on journalists

The campaign is a response to the attacks on the media that have occurred in the month of January in the past three years, and the failure of the government of Sri Lanka to bring to account those responsible for attacks on numerous journalists.
25 January 2012 | Ethiopia

Following fact-finding mission, RSF reports on press freedom situation in the country

in the course of its observations and the interviews it conducted during its visit, RSF confirmed that freedom of expression has been on the wane for some time.
24 January 2012 | Azerbaijan

PACE urged to demand freedom for political prisoners

Member organisations of the International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan (IPGA) are deeply concerned by the continued politically motivated imprisonment of persons for exercising their right to freedom of expression.
24 January 2012 | Ecuador

WAN-IFRA denounces government's authoritarian turn

The WAN-IFRA report reveals that the Ecuadorean government is "establishing a strict control over all arenas of public debate, while couching this in a debate centred around media plurality".
24 January 2012 | International

UN agency's member states urged to guarantee freedom of information

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) member states are meeting in Geneva this week to adopt decisions about the agency’s future and about the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) worldwide.
24 January 2012 | International

Oxfam Novib/PEN Awards celebrate writers against the odds

Iranian journalist, blogger and activist Asieh Amini was one of six writers who received the awards in a ceremony in The Hague as part of the Writers Unlimited Winter Nights Festival.
24 January 2012 | Burma

RSF releases video interviews with recently freed journalists and blogger

Journalists U Zeya and Sithu Zeya, and blogger Nay Phone Latt, all of whom were released from jail on 13 January, discuss their prison experiences.
24 January 2012 | Bahrain

International Mission to Bahrain Report says promises for reform unfulfilled, while situation deteriorates

A report from a six-member mission of international organisations to Bahrain last November called out Bahraini authorities for failing to deliver on promises of reform, with rights violations continuing on a daily basis and rights activists jailed for life.
20 January 2012 | Yemen

IFJ cautiously welcomes statements by authorities, calls for implementation

Authorities promised to restore press freedom in the country and guarantee the safety of journalists, and assured journalists’ leaders and the IFJ that the government will review the restrictions on media, including the ban on Al Jazeera and the "Al Ayyan" newspaper.
17 January 2012 | International

Columnist David Rohde is IPI's 63rd World Press Freedom Hero

The committee noted that Rohde and his colleagues frequently reported “under perilous conditions”, a statement given further weight when it was revealed months later that Rohde, at the time of the award, was again being held in captivity.
16 January 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG calls for recent public media appointments to be revoked and for journalists' protection

On the anniversary of the revolution, IFEX-TMG urges the Tunisian government to revoke controversial appointments giving media personnel close to the deposed President key posts in the public service media, and further calls for an end to attacks on journalists.
16 January 2012 | Tunisia

On the first anniversary of the revolution, RSF writes an open letter to the authorities

While some progress has been made as regards drafting legislation and creating new media, RSF is concerned to see an increase in pressure on journalists and media.
13 January 2012 | International

RSF revives tourist awareness campaign

With the backdrop of a simulated beach in Paris' main shopping area, RSF activists drew residents’ attention to the lack of freedom of information in popular tourist destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico.
12 January 2012 | Turkey

Academics oppose Internet filtering in universities

A signature campaign launched by more than one hundred academics is opposing attempts to recognise universities as public places where the Internet may be filtered.
12 January 2012 | Europe & Central Asia | Vietnam

European Union urged to press Vietnam to respect human rights

EU officials should use a 12 January dialogue in Hanoi to press for progress in the area of respecting freedom of speech and association and releasing dissidents detained for exercising those rights, says Human Rights Watch.
11 January 2012 | Yemen

Parliament urged to reject immunity law for President Saleh and aides

The sweeping measure could result in impunity for serious international crimes such as deadly attacks on anti-government demonstrators in 2011, says Human Rights Watch.
11 January 2012 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG concerned by attacks on journalists and academics

IFEX-TMG calls on authorities to do more to stop attacks on freedom of expression.
11 January 2012 | Americas

IFEX-ALC calls for withdrawal of three recommendations that impact on mandate of free expression rapporteur

The IFEX-ALC calls on members of the OAS Permanent Council, who will meet on 25 January 2012, to withdraw three specific recommendations proposed by a Special Working Group, which if approved could restrict the mandate of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression.
9 January 2012 | Syria

RSF launches parody video on censorship

The video shows Siri, whose answers to queries are not always relevant, being completely stumped by questions about current events in Syria because of the government’s news blackout.
3 January 2012

Journalists Killed Methodology Research Project

22 December 2011 | Turkey

CPJ condemns journalist arrests

The organisation is deeply troubled by the arrests especially given allegations that a recent CPJ report may have emboldened the government to take action.
21 December 2011 | Libya

New rule halts delivery of journalist visas

In a letter to Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim al-Keib, CPJ expressed concern about the difficulties that many foreign journalists have been experiencing in obtaining a visa to the country.
21 December 2011 | Belarus

International NGOs stand up for human rights

Since the December 2010 presidential elections, an unprecedented wave of repression was unleashed, with the Belarusian KGB detaining and interrogating opposition activists, journalists, protesters and human rights defenders.
21 December 2011 | Tunisia

Freedom of expression defenders emphasise the importance of media independence and integrity

IFEX-TMG meeting in Tunis on 12 and 13 December brought together journalists, bloggers, civil society, lawyers and academics to make recommendations on the realities and challenges of reforming the media sector.
20 December 2011 | Honduras

Honduras must investigate attacks on the press, says CPJ

In an open letter to President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, CPJ expresses its concern about the unrelenting violence against the local press.
20 December 2011 | Mexico | Russia

Meeting highlights common challenges faced by journalists, civil society activists

ARTICLE 19 and the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ) held their first one-day meeting to share experiences of addressing violence against journalists, exchange best practices and strategies on protection, and learn from each other.
19 December 2011 | Turkey

OSCE media freedom representative expresses concern over detention of journalists and censorship

During her first official visit to Turkey, Dunja Mijatovic participated in a panel discussion entitled "Turkey and Freedom of Expression", organised by the Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences.
16 December 2011 | Burundi

Three questions to Radio Publique Africaine manager Eric Manirakiza

RSF asked Manirakiza about the situation of journalists in Burundi, which has worsened markedly this year, and about the government's increasing harassment of the media.
16 December 2011 | Syria

Syria must release imprisoned journalists, says CPJ

in an open letter, CPJ urges the Syrian government to end the harassment and intimidation of journalists and to disclose the names, health status, and location of all the journalists in prison.
15 December 2011 | Americas

International press organisations review state of free speech and press freedom

The Coordinating Committee of Press Freedom Organizations warned of a progressive loss of fundamental rights in Ecuador, stressed the importance of the Inter-American system, and urged governments to combat physical violence against journalists and impunity.
15 December 2011 | Russia

Global journalists' community joins IFJ to mark memorial day for dead colleagues

As the Russian Union of Journalists prepares to host its annual commemoration of journalists who have died in the course of their work, IFJ expressed solidarity with its colleagues.
15 December 2011 | Palestine

MADA, Palestinian journalists meet with UN free expression rapporteur

A MADA representative stressed the need for urgent international intervention to end violations against journalists and media institutions.
13 December 2011 | Egypt

CPJ calls on government to investigate attacks on the press

The organisation has written to the prime minister, bringing to his attention 35 cases of journalists who were attacked when protesters clashed with the military and police.
13 December 2011 | Venezuela

Media Social Responsibility Law violates freedom of expression, says ARTICLE 19

On the one-year anniversary of the amendments to the law, ARTICLE 19's analysis concludes that the law places illegitimate restrictions on freedom of expression and information.
9 December 2011 | Europe & Central Asia

Experts discuss current challenges faced by media in Europe

Thomas Hammarberg highlighted the role media plays in exposing human rights violations and in offering an arena for different voices to be heard in public discourse.
9 December 2011 | International

RSF-Le Monde Press Freedom Prize awarded to Syrian cartoonist, Burmese weekly

Ali Ferzat was chosen as 2011 Journalist of the Year for his commitment to defending media freedom, while "Weekly Eleven News" was honoured with the Media of the Year prize for daring to run stories on subjects regarded as sensitive by Burmese authorities.
7 December 2011 | Mexico

Civil society organisations to host forum: "Justice for murdered and disappeared journalists"

The forum will be held in Mexico City on the 63rd anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
7 December 2011 | Middle East & North Africa

MADA helps to establish Arab Network for Freedom of Expression

MADA General Director Mousa Rimawi stated that the network would focus on media freedoms in the Arab world and will work towards compiling clearly defined legislation protecting freedom of opinion and expression to be applied in new laws and constitutions.
6 December 2011 | Colombia

IAPA submits two cases of unpunished murders of journalists to IACHR

Julio Chaparro and Jorge Torres were killed on April 24, 1991 in Segovia, where they had been sent by their newspaper, El Espectador of Bogotá, to cover the consequences of a massacre there two years earlier, in which 43 people died.
5 December 2011 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG Conference on Freedom of Expression in Tunisia to be held in December

Agenda and invitation to attend the IFEX-TMG Freedom of Expression Conference in Tunisia on 12 and 13 December in Tunis.
5 December 2011 | International

OSCE should adopt Draft Declaration on Fundamental Freedoms in the Digital Age, says ARTICLE 19

In adopting the declaration, the OSCE and its participating states will take a leading role in recognizing that human rights and fundamental freedoms do not change with new technologies and that they extend into the Digital Age.
5 December 2011 | Fiji

Rights groups call on government to end attacks on free expression

On the fifth anniversary of the coup d'etat by Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, the military government is continuing its aggressive attacks on free speech and critics of the regime.
2 December 2011 | Kyrgyzstan

CPJ Q&A: Osh TV owner Khudaiberdiyev on trial, press freedom

Khalil Khudaiberdiyev says he learned of the government's case against him from reports in the press when he was outside the country.
30 November 2011 | International

ANHRI, along with Tunisian lawyer and Syrian activist, receives human dignity award

ANHRI, Tunisian lawyer Radhia Nasraoui and Syrian activist Mazen Darwish were honoured for their stand against dictatorships and their support for the revolutions of the Arab Spring.
30 November 2011 | Afghanistan

Call for clear commitment from Bonn conference to support freedom of expression and information

Never before have Afghans had so much free access to information provided by their own compatriots. However, these gains are under daily threat, say RSF and Afghan organisations.
30 November 2011 | United Arab Emirates

Expunge activists' convictions, says coalition of rights groups

Human rights activists Ahmed Mansoor embracing his wife outside Al Wathba prison on November 28, 2011, after his prison sentence was commuted The authorities should conduct an independent judicial review of the arrests and trial of five activists, says coalition of seven IFEX members and partners after sustained campaign leading to their release on 28 November.
30 November 2011 | Bahrain

International delegation calls for end to free expression violations and human rights defenders to be freed

Several members of the mission team with rights activists in Bahrain Six groups, including three IFEX members visited Bahrain this past week to investigate freedom of expression, and attended the launch of reports by human rights groups and an independent commission of inquiry.
29 November 2011 | Rwanda

President must reject draft penal code, says ARTICLE 19

The organisation is concerned about provisions that do not comply with international standards on freedom of expression, especially those relating to criminal defamation, protection of national security, access to reproductive health information and genocide ideology.
29 November 2011 | Egypt

Twelve rights organisations condemn methods used to repress protests

Peaceful, unarmed protestors were met with excessive force by police and soldiers of the armed forces, leading to the deaths of dozens of protesters and the injury of more than 3000 others.
28 November 2011 | Liberia

Freedom of information conference brings together participants from Bomi and Cape Mount counties

Participants called for the progressive review of the Liberian FOI law and appealed for the decentralisation of the complaint and appeal channels in the event of refusal to disclose information.
28 November 2011 | Azerbaijan

Groups call for justice for Rafiq Tagi

Rafiq Tagi died in Baku on 23 November from the injuries he sustained during a brutal knife attack four days earlier.
28 November 2011 | Syria

Civil society organisations call on UNHRC to convene special session on Syria

Five IFEX members and other organisations called on the Council to consider the findings of the Syrian Commission of Inquiry and ensure accountability for attacks on peaceful protesters.
25 November 2011 | Turkey

International mission delegates renew demand to release imprisoned journalists

The mission, on a visit to Turkey from 22-24 November to witness the deteriorating state of press freedom in the country, denounced the fact that 64 journalists are still in jail.
25 November 2011 | International

IFJ denounces extreme levels of violence faced by women journalists worldwide

Among the countries failing to protect women journalists adequately the IFJ points to Mexico, the Philippines, Somalia, Russia, Nepal and Israel.
25 November 2011 | United Arab Emirates

Investigate threats against "UAE 5", say rights groups

Authorities ignored an intimidation campaign against jailed activists, says a new report on the eve of a verdict on 27 November. IFEX members and partners have been lobbying for the release of the five men.
24 November 2011 | Democratic Republic of Congo

JED warns of deteriorating media climate in open letter to broadcast regulator

JED accused the media council and electoral commission of indifference in the face of a "serious deterioration of democracy".
23 November 2011 | Philippines

CMFR statement on second anniversary of Ampatuan massacre, "a turning point and a test"

The glacial progress of the trial of those accused of involvement in the killing bodes ill for press freedom, human rights and the quest for justice in the country, says the organisation.
23 November 2011 | Philippines

SEAPA presents appeal letter calling for an end to impunity

SEAPA's letter urged President Benigno Aquino III to support the global campaign and ensure the Ampatuan trial marks a first step to ending journalists' killings.
23 November 2011 | Palestine

MADA and DCAF sign partnership agreement on access to information rights

The project's goal is to increase journalists' awareness of their rights and to push for the adoption of laws protecting access to information.
23 November 2011 | Ecuador

IFEX gravely concerned for safety of Fundamedios and others who attended IACHR hearing

IFEX is appealing to authorities to address the recent threats against IFEX member Fundamedios and its director, and the attempts by government supporters and state officials to discredit the organisation.
22 November 2011 | Turkey

RSF travels to Istanbul, monitors trial of leading investigative journalists

RSF travelled to Istanbul to attend the first hearing as part of an international delegation that includes representatives of the European Parliament, EFJ, IPI, the European Journalists' Association and Turkey's "Freedom for Journalists" coalition.
22 November 2011 | International

Veton Surroi wins 2011 SEEMO Human Rights Award

After the fall of communism, Veton Surroi founded the Koha Media Group and as a journalist he defended Kosovo Albanians against the policies of former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.
21 November 2011 | International

ARTICLE 19 highlights problem of satellite jamming on World Television Day

To mark World Television Day, ARTICLE 19 calls on all governments and international organisations to condemn this violation of the rights to freedom of expression and information.
18 November 2011 | Macedonia

IPI releases report on press freedom mission

All media professionals interviewed by the delegation spoke of political, economic and legal pressure on media that induced self-censorship.
18 November 2011 | Turkey

Writers' and publishers' groups call for abolition of restrictive anti-terror laws on Day of the Imprisoned Writer

A total of 71 journalists are behind bars on the Day of the Imprisoned Writer, while the list of those convicted or awaiting trial continues to grow.
18 November 2011 | Egypt

International community urged to react as free expression situation worsens

As the country embarks on a series of elections that will continue until March, the Supreme Council is showing less and less ability to tolerate fundamental freedoms, says RSF.
18 November 2011 | Egypt

Thirty-nine human rights and development organisations propose alternative NGO law

The proposed law follows a further deterioration of the situation of NGOs in the country, including the launch of a smear campaign aimed at damaging the credibility of groups critical of the human rights record of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and its government.
18 November 2011 | Americas

IAPA awards 2012 Chapultepec Grand Prize to Enrique Krauze

The prominent historian, essayist and editor has been a strong defender of freedom of expression and participated in the conference that gave rise to the Declaration of Chapultepec.
18 November 2011 | Turkmenistan

Open letter to German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle

On the eve of German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle's visit to Turkmenistan, RSF and the Turkmenistan Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights have sent him a joint letter about the state of freedom of expression in this Central Asian dictatorship.
18 November 2011 | Egypt

EOHR and ANHRI hold workshop on media in post-revolutionary transition

Website editor Khalid Al Balshi criticised the absence of an access to information law that would enable journalists to write stories of public interest.
17 November 2011 | Asia & Pacific

ASEAN should press government to free political prisoners, says Human Rights Watch

The government should release all those imprisoned on politically motivated charges, whether they have been convicted under Burma's repressive political laws or for common criminal offenses, said Human Rights Watch.
17 November 2011 | Ecuador

WPFC-FH submits amicus brief before Constitutional Court in support of decriminalisation of defamation sanctions

The brief is based on broad international jurisprudence - especially that of the inter-American justice system - that holds that defamation sanctions must be dealt with by civil, not criminal, courts.
17 November 2011 | Ecuador

Human Rights Watch calls for decriminalisation of defamation

Human Rights Watch submitted a joint amicus brief with the Center for Freedom of Expression and Information of the University of Palermo (Argentina) before the Constitutional Court of Ecuador, arguing that desacato norms violate Ecuador's international human rights obligations.
16 November 2011 | Mexico

IAPA calls on Senate to pass constitutional amendment on crimes against journalists

The amendment, which was passed by the Chamber of Deputies, would enable federal authorities to prosecute crimes against journalists and freedom of expression.
15 November 2011 | International

States should support draft UN resolution against belief-based discrimination, says ARTICLE 19

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the draft resolution's complete omission of the ambiguous "defamation of religions" – a term incompatible with international human rights standards on the right to freedom of expression - and the focus on combating discrimination against persons.
14 November 2011 | Eritrea

Thirty-one IFEX members call on authorities to disclose whereabouts of journalist Dawit Isaak

After hearing rumours of the death of Dawit Isaak, an Swedish-Eritrean journalist held without charge for ten years, 31 members of IFEX are asking President Isaias Afewerki to confirm that he is still alive and if so, to release him from prison.
9 November 2011 | International

Stephen Ferry wins first Tim Hetherington grant

Stephen Ferry's project, "Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict," focuses on the history and current dynamics of the conflict in Colombia, exposing the roles of all parties involved and the impact of the violence on civilians.
9 November 2011 | Tunisia

IFEX-TMG congratulates judge Kalthoum Kennou on her election as President of the Association of Tunisian Judges

Kalthoum Kennou Independent Judge Kennou suffered persecution for speaking in favour of an independent judiciary as the former Secretary-General of the AMT, under Ben Ali. She has now been elected AMT President.
8 November 2011 | Africa

ACHPR urged to endorse African Platform on Access to Information declaration

An NGO forum called upon the Commission to recognise 28 September as International Right to Know Day and to expand Article IV of the Declaration of Principles of Expression in Africa to incorporate the principles of the APAI Declaration.
8 November 2011 | Democratic Republic of Congo

Attacks on journalists on the increase since start of election campaign

In a letter to the interior minister, RSF and JED expressed concern over the increase in violence against media workers since the start of the election campaign.
7 November 2011 | Tibet (China)

Human Rights Watch calls on government to address causes of self-immolation protests

Eleven Tibetans have set themselves on fire since March, apparently to protest restrictions on basic freedoms and punitive security measures imposed on a number of monasteries.
7 November 2011 | Colombia

President dedicates Chapultepec Declaration signing to murdered Colombian journalists

At the same time, President Juan Manuel Santos unveiled his plan to increase broadband internet access.
4 November 2011 | Ecuador

WAN-IFRA calls for dialogue amidst polarised media scene

The visit to assess the media situation in the country came as a follow-up effort after several expressions of concern by WAN-IFRA to the government in the past year, regarding a decline of freedom of expression in the country.
3 November 2011 | United Arab Emirates

Trial observer finds flagrant due process flaws in "UAE 5" case

Coalition of 7 international rights groups calls for independent judicial inquiry, while launching trial observation report.
1 November 2011 | International

Seventy-seven civil society organisations call on UN to recognise importance of access to information and a free media to sustainable development

Prior to the UN summit of world leaders in Rio in June 2012 (Rio+20) to discuss the environment and sustainable development goals, 77 civil society organisations recommend the adoption of national laws on access to information, public participation and access to justice in the environment, a new UN convention on access to environmental information, and a UN Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
31 October 2011 | Mexico

ARTICLE 19 highlights absence of protection of journalists before IACHR

ARTICLE 19's submission highlights how violent attacks against the press have resulted in a chilling effect on the media in several cities, especially those gripped by the ongoing public security crisis.
28 October 2011 | Democratic Republic of Congo

JED announces media monitoring programme as presidential election campaign officially launched

In 2006, violent clashes between supporters of the two main presidential candidates were attributed - in some cases justifiably - to media outlets who inflamed tensions with incendiary comments and incitement to hatred and violence.
28 October 2011 | International

RSF campaign targets tourists

The campaign aims to draw the attention of vacationers to free speech and freedom of information problems in Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico.
27 October 2011 | Iraq

Draft Informatics Crimes Law fundamentally flawed, says ARTICLE 19

The Draft Law cites, as its basis, multiple negative consequences of the "information revolution" without acknowledging the positive role technology performs in today's society, not least of all in enhancing the enjoyment of fundamental human rights. The Draft Law provides no guarantees for the right to freedom of expression or freedom of information.
26 October 2011 | Asia & Pacific

IFJ welcomes strong regional support for press freedom at Pacific meeting

The roundtable discussions saw widespread support for continued efforts to protect and promote press freedom in the region. Codes of ethics, freedom of information laws, the growth of citizen journalism and the current situation for journalists in Fiji were all identified as areas of interest.
26 October 2011 | Syria

Human Rights Watch calls on Arab League to deploy civilian monitors

At least 186 protesters and residents have been killed since the Arab League's October 16 meeting, according to Syrian human rights activists.
25 October 2011 | Yemen

IPI interviews "Yemen Post" editor on reporting on the uprising

IPI spoke with the publisher and chief editor of the Yemen Post, Hakim Almasmari, about the censorship, violence and intimidation that any independent Yemeni media outlet must contend with.
25 October 2011 | Hungary

EU should heed call of "One Million for Press Freedom" in Hungary, says IFJ

A massive protest took place in Budapest as part of ongoing campaign waged by journalists and civil society groups for media pluralism in Hungary.

Respect for labour rights key for press freedom, says IFJ

At a meeting held in Skopje, Macedonia, trade union representatives spoke about the precarious situation of journalists in a context of politicisation and corruption.
24 October 2011 | Americas

Government advertising, state-owned media are control weapons, says IAPA

IAPA research finds that in some countries in the Americas the authorities seek to manipulate information by using government advertising contracts to reward or punish media outlets.
21 October 2011 | International

UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression launches key report on Internet freedom

ARTICLE 19 hails the report as a milestone in the development of policy on freedom of expression as it relates to the Internet and urges all governments to fully implement its recommendations.
20 October 2011 | Americas

Attempts to silence independent press have increased, IAPA concludes during annual meeting

Press freedom violations include physical violence, the murder of journalists and the impunity surrounding these crimes, lawsuits, arbitrary arrests, verbal abuse, and restrictive laws.
20 October 2011 | Tunisia

Political parties' responses to Human Rights Watch questionnaire shed light on their human rights stances

Most of the parties feel that the new Constitution should protect freedom of expression and of the press, but they disagree on limits to free expression when it concerns the right to privacy, the protection of minorities against hate speech, and the "defamation of religions."
20 October 2011 | Japan | Burma

Human Rights Watch urges Japan to press Burma's foreign minister on human rights issues

Japanese officials were urged to press Burma to release all political prisoners and abolish laws used to repress the rights to freedom of speech, association and assembly.
18 October 2011 | Burma

Interview with newly-freed dissident comedian Zarganar

Zarganar talks about the political prisoners who have not been freed, including bloggers and writers such as Zaw Thet Htwe and Nay Phone Latt.
17 October 2011 | Asia & Pacific

SEAPA to coordinate research project on freedom of information in Southeast Asia

The end result of the project will be a publication that will serve not only as a resource for journalists, academics and civil society organisations, but as a reminder to governments of the region of the importance of freedom of information.
17 October 2011 | Asia & Pacific

Online expression forum highlights importance of free and open Internet

The forum, held on 12 October 2011, was jointly organised by the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), the Thai Netizen Network and iLaw, to discuss the state of online freedom of expression in Thailand.
17 October 2011 | Russia

Terror, threats and corruption: report of RSF fact-finding visit to Russian Caucasus

RSF representatives visited Chechnya and Dagestan from 9 to 13 September 2011, meeting with journalists, government officials and human rights activists.
13 October 2011 | Democratic Republic of Congo

JED announces launch of "Rapid Alert Network" to prevent attacks on press freedom

At a meeting between media experts and public figures organised by JED, participants agreed to launch a Rapid Alert Network, aimed at preventing serious attacks on press freedom in the period leading up to elections.
13 October 2011 | International

Mumia still on death row, but executions of journalists on the wane

On the occasion of World Day Against the Death Penalty, RSF notes that being a journalist, editing a website or keeping a blog can still expose a person to the possibility of the death penalty in some countries.
12 October 2011 | Oman

CPJ concerned over politicised trial of journalists, civil servant

The organisation urges the Sultan of Oman to instruct judicial authorities to respect the letter of the law in the case of two journalists sentenced to imprisonment on defamation charges.
12 October 2011 | Uganda

Spotlight on human rights means no more hiding, says ARTICLE 19

ARTICLE 19 urges Uganda to use the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review as an opportunity to review and repeal unduly restrictive freedom of expression legislation and address the issue of violence against journalists, human rights defenders and political opponents.
12 October 2011 | Venezuela

Venezuela rejects UN Human Rights Council freedom of expression recommendations

The final report presented at the conclusion of the Venezuela UPR process contained 148 recommendations, of which 95 were accepted, 15 deferred to the next stage and 38 rejected.
11 October 2011 | Tunisia

Free expression groups call upon the government to act decisively on reforms ahead of historic elections

IFEX-TMG says time is of the essence to effectively support freedom of expression by adopting a series of positive measures and setting high standards for the future.
11 October 2011 | Russia

Five years on, writers continue to call for justice for Anna Politkovskaya

PEN American Center expresses concern that some of the people behind Politkovskaya's murder may still be at large, furthering a climate of impunity for crimes against journalists and writers.
11 October 2011 | International

Yemeni press freedom activist Tawakel Karman wins Nobel Peace Prize

Karman, along with Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and activist Leymah Gbowee, were recognised for their struggle "for women's rights to full participation in peace-building work."
7 October 2011 | China

Human Rights Watch calls for release of Nobel laureate and others wrongly jailed, disappeared

Since the announcement of the 2010 Nobel prize, Beijing police have clamped down on Liu Xiaobo's family, friends, and supporters.
7 October 2011 | Thailand

Freedom of expression record scrutinised, ARTICLE 19 calls on government to adopt UPR recommendations

During the UPR, widespread concerns were expressed about a sharp increase in lèse-majesté and computer crime charges.
6 October 2011 | International

Journalists from Bahrain, Belarus, Mexico and Pakistan to be honoured with CPJ's International Press Freedom Awards

Mansoor al-Jamri, Natalya Radina, Javier Arturo Valdez Cárdenas and Umar Cheema have faced recrimination for their work, including harassment, assault, kidnapping, torture and censorship.
6 October 2011 | Equatorial Guinea

UNESCO suspends Obiang prize again

Human Rights Watch, Committee to Protect Journalists and other organisations are urging UNESCO's executive board to cancel the prize outright.
6 October 2011 | Cameroon

RSF urges government to take action on media reform in mission report

RSF is calling on the government to enact a series of reforms that are needed to improve media freedom, including a new media law and the decriminalisation of press offences.
3 October 2011 | Tunisia

Free expression groups celebrate freeing of whistleblower police commissioner

Samir Feriani and his mother outside the Tunisian military court in Bab Sa’adoun on Thursday, awaiting the verdict in his trial. IFEX-TMG attends trial of Samir Feriani, acquitted of charges of leaking information about the destruction of evidence linking Tunisian secret police to torture and other crimes.
3 October 2011 | Venezuela

IFEX-ALC delegation submits recommendations on freedom of expression during Venezuela's UPR

IFEX-ALC calls on the UN Human Rights Council members to urge the Venezuelan government to uphold the right to free expression.
3 October 2011 | Syria

Human rights groups voice need for strong and urgent Security Council action

Since mass protests began, the UN has estimated at least 2,600 civilians have been killed, the majority of them protesters and local residents shot with live ammunition by the security forces and army.
2 October 2011 | United Arab Emirates

Trial of activists "fundamentally unfair," say rights groups

Amnesty International, ANHRI, Front Line Defenders, and Human Rights Watch call on the authorities to drop the charges and free the accused activists.
29 September 2011 | Equatorial Guinea

UNESCO director-general urged to cancel Obiang prize

The goal of "a free, safe and fair environment for journalists" would be greatly undermined should UNESCO's executive board move forward with an award named for and funded by Equatorial Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, say a group of organisations who participated in a UN consultative process on impunity last week.
28 September 2011 | International

ARTICLE 19 celebrates advancements in the right to freedom of information

In honour of International Right to Know Day, ARTICLE 19 highlights the progress made in access to information legislation in many countries, especially in Africa, but says that many proposed laws remain sluggish and weakened by inaction.
28 September 2011 | Asia & Pacific

Freedom of expression groups urge ASEAN to promote access to information

In honour of International Right to Know Day, ARTICLE 19 and SEAPA urge ASEAN to demonstrate its commitment to public participation by supporting access to information among its member states.
28 September 2011 | Uzbekistan | United States

United States urged to take tough stance on Uzbekistan

In a letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, human rights groups expressed concern over proposed legislation to permit military and other assistance to the Uzbek government, one of the most repressive in the world.
28 September 2011 | International

Resolutions issued by IPI membership at World Congress point to concerns over impunity, criminal defamation and restrictive legislation

Some of the resolutions included a condemnation of Turkey's imprisonment of journalists and a call on the Philippines government to end impunity in the killing of journalists.
28 September 2011 | Asia & Pacific

Conference participants discuss situation of online media in Southeast Asia

Online news content is developing rapidly and the Southeast Asian community needs to "look at democratisation of freedom of expression as a common agenda," said the SEAPA president.
28 September 2011 | Africa

MISA launches reports on most open and most secretive public institutions in southern Africa

The reports' release, timed in honour of International Right to Know Day, will be accompanied by an awards ceremony congratulating the most open institutions and shaming the most secretive ones.
28 September 2011 | North Korea

Panel participants highlight challenges of reporting on closed society

In a discussion at the IPI's World Congress, three journalists each provided different explanations of the same event, showing how information from North Korea is often tangential and unverifiable, and how difficult it is to find out what is actually going on.
27 September 2011 | Ecuador

Correa lambastes press in Columbia speech

In a near hour-long speech given in English, the president was in turn pugnacious, scholarly, and withering in critiquing the private press that he alleged "lies" and has a "lack of love for the truth."
27 September 2011 | Singapore

ARTICLE 19 disappointed by government's failure to commit to greater free expression during UPR process

While Singapore accepted 84 of the 112 recommendations made by Member States at its first UN Human Rights Council review, those regarding media freedom, and the protection and promotion of the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and association were rejected.
27 September 2011 | Tunisia

ANHRI contributes to seminar on status of media, free expression

Seminar participants heard testimony from journalists and activists about the state of the media under former president Ben Ali and their recommendations for media reform.
26 September 2011 | Vanuatu

PFF welcomes UN concern over media freedom

PFF says the opinion expressed this week by the UN's Pacific Office for Human Rights regional representative Matilda Bogner is a welcome step by a key regional development partner on an issue that's usually left to journalists to handle.
26 September 2011 | Ecuador

IAPA calls attention to Correa's conflicting positions on press freedom

A speech by President Rafael Correa at Columbia University in New York, "will serve to expose the inconsistent thinking of one who claims to support freedom of the press and of expression yet whose actions are totally opposed to such freedoms," IAPA noted.
26 September 2011 | International

Freedom House releases report on growing challenges to internet freedom

Against the backdrop of growing restrictions by repressive regimes on online freedoms, government, business, and civil society representatives will gather to discuss the future of the global digital space.
23 September 2011 | Iran

UN member states should challenge Ahmadinejad as campaign to crush dissent continues, says Human Rights Watch

Lethal force has reportedly been used against protesters, while opposition leaders, lawyers, journalists and rights activists have been detained on politically-motivated charges.
23 September 2011 | Brazil

Government must pass right to information bill, says ARTICLE 19

According to the original Open Government Partnership roadmap, Brazil meets the criteria to participate in the OGP except for the absence of an access to information law.
23 September 2011 | Africa

Landmark regional declaration paves way for access to information

The declaration sets out principles elaborating the right of access to information, including coverage of issues related to health, education, aid transparency and corruption.
21 September 2011 | United Arab Emirates

Free activists before elections, say four rights groups

International rights groups seek to monitor trial of 5 activists during 26 September trial appearance.
21 September 2011 | Middle East & North Africa

International "Day of Rage": UN Rights Council addresses situations in Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen

Human rights defenders converged on the Council to respond to an unprecedented number of UN reports addressing grave rights violations throughout the Arab region.
21 September 2011 | Egypt

Twenty-three NGOs call on transitional authorities to engage in dialogue, meet demands of civil society

In a statement released by CIHRS, organisations condemn the recent revival and expansion of the emergency law by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which constitutes a direct threat to freedom of expression.
20 September 2011 | Eritrea

No one can continue to ignore the regime's brutality, says RSF

RSF has launched an international ad campaign marking the 10th anniversary of the round-ups of journalists and closure of all the privately-owned print media.
20 September 2011 | Greece

RSF reports on outlook for media following five-day country mission

Many of the journalists interviewed by RSF viewed the economic crisis as a chance for the media to break with the patronage system that has prevailed since the 1980s.
19 September 2011 | Nepal

Killers of journalists could go free, warns CPJ

In a letter to the newly-elected prime minister, CPJ expressed alarm over the planned amnesty of criminal cases pending from past political violence.

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  • A petition is calling for the dropping of spurious charges against Erol Önderoğlu and his colleagues for their guest editorship of Turkish magazine Özgür Gündem.

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