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4 July 2012 |

IAPA condemns harassment of journalists

The independent news agency Centro de Información Hablemos Press has complained of an increase in repression of its journalists.
17 May 2012 |

Hablemos Press journalist awaits 10th deportation to hometown

Calixto Ramón Martínez Arias recently reported, via Hablemos Press, that Havana was experiencing problems with its water supply.
19 April 2012 |

Human Rights Watch calls on national assembly to revoke amnesty legislation

The National Assembly of Suriname amended an existing amnesty law to give immunity to those who were on trial for the alleged abduction and murder of 15 prominent political opponents, including journalists, lawyers, and a trade union leader, in December 1982.
17 April 2012 |

Released from Cuba's prisons, exiled journalists languish in Spain

Almost two years after the first crop of journalists arrived in Spain, the four who remain in the country are living under extremely difficult conditions, struggling even to feed themselves.
12 April 2012 |

Authorities urged to respect press freedom during election season

Whichever party wins the May election should make the Bahamas a forerunner in the Caribbean by decriminalising defamation, IPI noted.
4 April 2012 |

IAPA welcomes Inter-American Court's ruling in case of missing journalist

The ruling by the Inter-American Human Rights Court requires the government of the Dominican Republic to “establish the truth of the events in question” and “punish those responsible” for the forced disappearance 18 years ago of journalist Narciso González Medina.
4 April 2012 |

Parliament urged to reject amnesty that would include murders of five journalists

“The traumas of the past are perpetuated by impunity, which by definition runs counter to the rule of law and the expression of fundamental human rights,” said RSF.
27 March 2012 |

Government blamed for newspaper reporter's dismissal

In the 9 March article that apparently prompted his dismissal, Rawle Titus reported that the prime minister had selected the ruling National Democratic Congress’ candidates for the next general elections without bothering to consult with the party’s leaders.
26 March 2012 |

Government must halt repression in advance of Pope's visit

Dissidents said that when they sought to exercise their basic rights to speak up about human rights concerns and hold rallies over the past few weeks, the authorities responded with beatings, detentions, harassment, and other repressive measures.
9 March 2012 |

Court acquits three men of murdering cameraman four years after crime

"We are unpleasantly surprised by this decision as Jaime Flete García’s motive for murdering Normando García seemed to have been established," RSF said.
9 March 2012 |

First lady files forgery charges against journalist

Margarita Cedeño de Fernández's attorney officially accused journalist Marco Martínez of falsifying documents in order to attack the honour and reputation of the first lady, who is currently running for vice president.
6 March 2012 |

Cité Soleil in mourning for murdered community radio station manager

Jean Liphète Nelson and four other people were driving in a Radio Boukman vehicle in Bois Neuf, a part of Cité Soleil, when they came under fire from four heavily armed individuals.
29 February 2012 |

Ex-FIFA VP formally serves journalist notice of defamation suit

Lawyers representing embattled former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner notified journalist Lasana Liburd that their client planned to sue for libel and defamation over a series of articles linking Warner to missing emergency aid money for Haiti.
13 February 2012 |

Police raid "Newsday" office in Trinidad

According to ACM's information, a team of police officers raided the offices of the "Newsday" newspaper in search of what they described as unlawfully-acquired information which led to a newspaper report on high-level conflict within the country's Integrity Commission.
9 February 2012 |

Blogger denied travel to Brazil

It was, according to the blogger, the 19th time Cuban officials have turned down her request to leave the island. As in the past, officials gave no reason for the rejection.
25 January 2012 |

Journalist receives six-month sentence and harsh fine in defamation case

The case came as a result of Johnny Alberto Salazar’s recent criticisms of a human rights committee, accusing it of protecting criminals and people linked to organized crime.

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