Cartoons and religion take centre stage again, Europe signals action on SLAPPs

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Lawsuits against the author and publisher of “Putin’s People” are SLAPPs

IFEX joins civil society organisations in expressing serious concern at the legal proceedings that are being brought against journalist and author Catherine Belton and her publisher HarperCollins.

Turkey: Journalist Nurcan Yalçın handed 3 years and 7 months in prison

Yalçın was convicted of “aiding an illegal organization” and “propagandizing for a terrorist organization.” She was indicted as part of an investigation into the Rosa Women’s Association.

Kyrgyz government urged to withdraw draft Broadcasting Bill

A number of IFEX members call on the Kyrgyzstan government to withdraw its draft legislation threatening to further undermine the independence of the Kyrgyz Broadcasting Corporation (OTRK), and to instead ensure the public broadcaster is governed by standards which ensure editorial independence, transparency, and accountability to the Kyrgyz people.