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13 June 2012 |

Amidst violence, lack of unity among Honduran journalists

"Everyone feels vulnerable," said Mavis Cruz, director of the news program Noticias a la Hora on Radio Libertad in San Pedro Sula. But rather than coming together to face this crisis, Honduran journalists are deeply divided and suspicious of one another.
25 May 2012 |

Solidarity, a key to security, eludes press

El Salvador's new generation of journalists would do well to be proactive, to work together, and to speak as one on the issues that endanger them all, says CPJ.
16 April 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

The report outlines areas where the country has failed to meet its legal obligations to protect freedom of expression.
23 December 2010 |

Human Rights Watch releases report, "After the coup: Ongoing violence, intimidation and impunity in Honduras"

The authorities should take steps to end impunity for abuses committed after the 2009 coup and to curb ongoing attacks against journalists and activists, says the organisation.
30 July 2010 |

Ongoing attacks foster climate of intimidation, says Human Rights Watch

According to Human Rights Watch research, there has been little progress on human rights after six months of the Lobo government.
28 July 2010 |

CPJ Special Report: Journalist murders underscore Honduran government failures

The government has been quick to minimise the killings and slow to investigate them, says the CPJ report.
6 October 2009 |

ARTICLE 19 and partners' submission to UN Universal Periodic Review

ARTICLE 19's submission highlights how a lack of free and open democratic debate presents an obstacle to the promotion of freedom of expression.
14 August 2009 |

International mission report expresses concern over media concentration

A report issued after an international coalition visit to Honduras expresses concern over media concentration in the country and the role that it plays in the repression of freedom of expression.
7 July 2009 |

CPJ Special Report: Daniel Ortega's Media War

President Daniel Ortega has defined independent news media as enemies and has moved aggressively to obstruct them and minimize their influence.
22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Guatemala

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