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31 July 2012 |

Foreign journalist savagely attacked by police

Atsushi Okudera was assaulted while he was taking photos of police beating protestors.
27 July 2012 |

Government stifles querying of storm death toll

The media should not be forbidden from raising questions of great public concern which serve to protect public safety, said IFJ.
25 July 2012 |

A year after Wenzhou, China still censoring disaster stories

Authorities were urged to allow journalists to freely cover the aftermath of the recent deadly flooding in and around the capital.
18 July 2012 |

IFJ concerned by removal of senior media personnel

The decision to move Lu Fumin from his position may be linked to his re-publishing of an article detailing the political origins of several politburo members.
5 July 2012 |

Journalist in northern Sha'anxi province suspended for raising corruption questions

Shi Junrong was suspended from duty after raising corruption questions involving the Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party for the township of Dali.
3 July 2012 |

Bloomberg site blocked for political report

The news agency's website became inaccessible following a story on the vice president's family and its financial assets.
29 June 2012 |

RSF concerned over ongoing actions against artists, human rights activists and the media

"Rights campaigner Hu Jia beaten up, artist Ai Weiwei facing improper legal proceedings, journalists of the South China Morning Post forced into self-censorship . . . the record is shocking," the press freedom organisation said.
22 June 2012 |

US urged not to punish Chinese restrictions with more restrictions

CPJ expressed concern over a US bill which seeks to reduce the number of visas available to journalists (and their families) working in the United States for 13 Chinese state-controlled publications.
21 June 2012 |

Fears for dissident writer Li Bifeng

The activist, novelist and poet has been held since September 2011 for alleged economic crimes, although he is believed to be targeted for his peaceful opposition activism.
6 June 2012 |

Google gives Chinese Internet users glimpse into censorship

Google recently announced that it has taken the unprecedented step of announcing to users which search terms cause the broken connection resulting from searches for sensitive items.
6 June 2012 |

Netizen in Xinjiang province detained for "spreading rumours" online

The unnamed netizen was detained after forwarding information about a 12-year-old boy found dead in the city of Korla.
4 June 2012 |

Editor dismissed for online comments

Yu Chen, editor of the in-depth investigative news desk of the Southern Metropolitan Newspaper, was suspended, and later forced to resign, from his position because of online comments he made using the newspaper's microblog account.
1 June 2012 |

Twenty-three years after Tiananmen, China is still paying

The annual crackdown on commemorations of the 4 June anniversary of the brutal suppression of student-led demonstrations based in Tiananmen Square in 1989 Beijing is under way, according to Agence France-Presse.
30 May 2012 |

Sina "information credit score" restricts Weibo users

Sina's Twitter-like microblog service Weibo has released new guidelines to restrict users who share banned content, according to international news reports.
24 May 2012 |

Anti-foreign attitudes bode ill for China correspondents

According to the BBC, Beijing recently announced a 100-day crackdown on illegal foreigners - those living or working without visas.
24 May 2012 |

Government continues to censor reporting on activist Chen Guangcheng

Media in China have been forbidden from independently reporting on Chen Guangcheng and his family, but are allowed to republish the comments of the Foreign Ministry of China about the case.
11 May 2012 |

Microblog regulates, suspends users - again

A Weibo moderator posted a draft document outlining new guidelines for users of China's popular microblog platform, Sina Weibo.
9 May 2012 |

Chen Guangcheng reporting censored, obstructed

Security officials' ongoing obstruction of foreign and domestic journalists covering the dissident is a worrying sign for supporters trying to secure his safety, CPJ said today.
7 May 2012 |

China shuts out Al-Jazeera English in Beijing

Al-Jazeera English didn't comment on the decision, but the channel covers topics censored domestically by the Communist Party.
27 April 2012 |

Government urged to protect blind human rights defender from extrajudicial violence

Chen Guangcheng and his family are at risk of violent reprisals after the activist's escape from unlawful detention, Human Rights Watch said.

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