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17 July 2012 |

Bogotá TV journalist reporting on paramilitaries receives "warning"

The report that journalist Paul Bacares is currently preparing highlights the ability of the armed groups to infiltrate the legal economy and their links to local politicians and other public figures.
31 May 2012 |

FARC releases French journalist Romeo Langlois

What happened to Langlois should serve as an opportunity to reflect on the safety issues that journalists covering armed conflict must deal with regularly in Colombia.
16 May 2012 |

FLIP condemns attack against journalist and former minister Fernando Londoño

Those responsible for the attack have not been identified yet but Londoño had been receiving threats from the FARC.
1 May 2012 |

French journalist's whereabouts unknown

Roméo Langlois, a correspondent for the France 24 television station and the newspaper Le Figaro, was accompanying an army and police operation against FARC coca laboratories as part of his work on a documentary on drug trafficking when he went missing.
24 April 2012 |

Journalists flee homes after receiving threats

Dionisia Morales, a radio host with Briceno, received death threats via text messages and telephone calls, she told CPJ. The caller identified himself as a member of the Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia, one of a handful of drug-trafficking gangs operating in the country.
24 April 2012 |

Journalist flees after FARC threats

The La Voz de la Tierra station director said that the threats against Jesús Antonio Pareja may have been linked to a recent report on land restitution.
4 April 2012 |

Journalist's murderer gets 21 years in jail, but motive is still unknown

While noting the speed with which the police and judicial authorities acted in this case, RSF cannot be satisfied with a verdict that reveals nothing about the motive for the journalist’s murder.
3 April 2012 |

Authorities announce arrest in murder of journalist Argemiro Cárdenas Agudelo

The suspected gunman reportedly told investigators that he was to have received 1 million pesos (approx. € 420) for murdering Cárdenas Agudelo, who owned and reported for Metro Radio and served as Dosquebradas mayor in the late 1990s.
16 March 2012 |

Journalist and political leader killed in Dosquebradas, Risaralda

"Argemiro Cárdenas Agudelo was in the Metro Radio offices when he received a phone call and arranged a meeting with the caller. He was on his way to meet this person when he was shot and killed," said the local police chief.
28 February 2012 |

Video producer flees Huila after death threats related to controversial video

Bladimir Sánchez Espitia had been working with the Association of Communities Affected by the Quimbo Hydroelectric Project (Asoquimbo) for a few months when he made the video of an eviction.
22 December 2011 |

Journalist in Villavicencio, Meta, receives death threat

Héctor Gómez Arguello has been reporting on residents' complaints that a local aqueduct project was mismanaged.
31 October 2011 |

FLIP concerned over actions against journalists in period leading up to elections

The organisation views the actions against journalists as particularly worrisome since they affect the ability of citizens to obtain information and vote in an informed manner.
14 October 2011 |

Journalist given 20-month suspended prison sentence on defamation charge

Luis Agustín González was sued by politician Leonor Serrano de Camargo over an editorial that questioned her bid for election to Congress.
5 October 2011 |

Valledupar journalist warned of plan to attack her

Journalist Ana Maria Ferrer had reported on irregularities in the mining industry and royalty payments; she is also a correspondent for FLIP.
23 September 2011 |

Journalist informed of plan to attack her, asks president to intervene to ensure her safety

The authorities have been silent since Claudia Duque sent a letter to the president requesting his intervention and the journalist has every reason to be worried, says RSF.
25 August 2011 |

Former president Uribe labels journalists "terrorism sympathisers"

After the publication of the journalists' stories that alleged that Uribe may have been involved in illegal actions, the former president accused Forero and Duque of being sympathisers of terrorism and accomplices of leftist guerrillas.
24 August 2011 |

Journalist forced to leave country due to threats

Although the police have provided Mary Luz Avendaño with protective measures, due to continued fears for her safety the journalist decided to leave the country.
4 July 2011 |

Journalist assassinated in Arboletes, Antioquia

The local authorities have said Luis Eduardo Gómez was on his way home when two unidentified men approached and shot him several times.
29 June 2011 |

"El Espectador" journalist in Medellín receives death threat

Mary Luz Avendaño has been reporting on an ongoing turf war between drug trafficking groups and the gangs' links to the police.
28 June 2011 |

IAPA condemns censorship of Colombian daily, attempt to search Argentine newspaper's offices

The organisation calls on the Colombian authorities to investigate the purchase by unidentified individuals of all copies of an edition of the "El Heraldo" newspaper.

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