Content moderation and the U.S. election: What to ask, what to demand

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Police aerial surveillance endangers our ability to protest

The California Highway Patrol directed aerial surveillance, mostly done by helicopters, over protests in Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, Placerville, Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Luis Obispo. Dragnet aerial surveillance is often unconstitutional.

Educational gag orders: Legislative restrictions on the freedom to read, learn, and teach

Between January and September 2021, 24 legislatures across the United States introduced 54 separate bills intended to restrict teaching and training in K-12 schools, higher education, and state agencies and institutions. The majority of these bills target discussions of race, racism, gender, and American history.

Author Ashley Hope Perez and social activist Padma Venkatraman on what book bans are really about

The PEN Children’s and Young Adult Books Committee is responding to recent efforts to ban books and intimidate teachers and librarians with a new conversation series called “PEN Pals.” This series of articles gives voice to the challenged creators of books for children and young adults through an exchange of nuanced conversations that illuminate today’s issues.