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24 September 2012 |

Ivorian authorities lift ban on privately-owned publications

On 17 September, 2012, Côte d'Ivoire's statutory press regulatory body - The National Press Council (CNP) - lifted suspension sanctions it had imposed on six privately-owned pro-Gbagbo newspapers. The suspensions had been enforced after the media outlets jointly republished an article that was originally published by Notre Voie, also a pro-Gbagbo daily.
17 September 2012 |

Ivorian journalist attacked by minister's security detail

An Ivoirian government security detail assaulted a journalist covering the eviction of a senior official's family, seizing his equipment and leaving him bleeding and bruised.
28 March 2012 |

Why is police intelligence holding opposition media executive?

The DST denied holding Savané, but his car is parked in the DST building's courtyard and several sources say he was taken there after his arrest.
3 February 2012 |

Two detained journalists released

Charles Sanga and Jean-Claude Coulibaly were detained after they refused to disclose the source of a leaked story that ran in "Le Patriote" earlier in the week.
1 February 2012 |

Newspaper editor arrested for publishing "confidential information"

Newspaper editor arrested for publishing Charles Sanga was arrested due to an article published in "Le Patriote", which stated that the Constitutional Council had decided to annul parliamentary elections in 11 districts where results had been disputed; information that had not yet been announced publicly.
13 January 2012 |

Human remains found not to be those of missing journalist

DNA tests have established that the remains of a body found in Côte d’Ivoire were not those of Franco-Canadian journalist Guy-André Kieffer after all.
9 January 2012 |

Human remains found could be those of missing journalist Guy-André Kieffer

The body was found after a tip-off in a village in the western region of Issia.
2 January 2012 |

TV presenter provisionally released after being held for five months

Hermann Aboa continues to face prosecution on charges of threatening the nation’s defences, attacking and conspiring against state authorities, undermining national territorial integrity, participating in an armed band, participating in an insurrectional movement and attacking public order.
9 December 2011 |

Court frees detained pro-opposition journalists

A criminal court in Abidjan acquitted César Etou, Boga Sivori, and Didier Dépry for "lack of evidence". Damage claims sought against the three were also dismissed by the court.
1 December 2011 |

"Notre Voie" journalists charged for insulting President Ouattara

César Etou, Boga Sivori and Didier Dépry are charged with "incitement to theft, looting and destruction of the property of others through the press" and could face harsh prison sentences.
29 November 2011 |

Opposition journalists detained for insulting President Ouattara

César Etou and Boga Sivori were arrested in connection with an article that claimed President Ouattara had acquired luxury Mercedes Benz cars for himself and members of his cabinet.
24 November 2011 |

Jailed journalist denied bail, others summoned and threatened

Hermann Aboa has been held in custody for four months and faces six charges that could lead to life in prison.
31 August 2011 |

Authorities to withdraw soldiers from "Notre Voie" newspaper premises

Since the soldiers' deployment, the paper's offices have been under lock and key and newspaper staff have been barred from accessing equipment and archival materials.
15 August 2011 |

State television resumes operation

The state-owned Ivorian Television resumed operations after almost five months of being off the air, following a clash over its control by the Ouattara and Gbagbo forces.
8 August 2011 |

Press council censors paper for column on Obama meeting

The National Press Council suspended "Le Temps" for 12 days for reprinting an opinion column criticising a meeting between President Obama and President Ouattara.
4 August 2011 |

President Ouattara dismisses RTI director

A communiqué issued by the president's chief of staff said that what prompted the dismissal was RTI's failure to cover the president's return from a goodwill and working visit to the United States.
25 July 2011 |

TV presenter charged for Gbagbo-leaning coverage

Hermann Aboa's arrest contradicts President Ouattara's public pledges that pro-Gbagbo journalists would not be persecuted, says CPJ.
13 June 2011 |

Pro-Gbagbo journalist kidnapped, released

Serge Grah was abducted by six armed men believed to be elements of the Côte d'Ivoire Republican Forces (FRCI) loyal to President Alassane Ouattara.
26 May 2011 |

Opposition press resumes publishing; newspaper executive questioned amid reprisals against pro-Gbagbo media

"Notre Voie", a daily that supports former President Laurent Gbagbo's Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), is in newsstands again for the first time since Gbagbo's ouster on 11 April 2011.
25 May 2011 |

One journalist killed, several others in hiding

The bullet-ridden body of Radio Yopougon assistant editor-in-chief Lago Sylvain Gagneto was found among dozens of bodies buried in mass graves in Yopougon, an Abidjan neighborhood.

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