COVID-19 pandemic brings new threats to cartoonists worldwide

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At least 67 journalists and media workers were killed in 2022

More than half of the 67 killings occurred in just three countries: Ukraine (15), Mexico (13), and Haiti (7); these are highest yearly numbers CPJ has ever recorded for these countries.

Privacy and Protection: A children’s rights approach to encryption

A new report, co-published by CRIN and defenddigitalme, aims to capture the full complexity of how encryption affects children’s lives. It sets out principles for an approach to encryption that recognises and respects the full range of their rights.

HRW launches ‘World Report 2023’

“The past year has demonstrated that all governments bear the responsibility of protecting human rights around the world. Against a backdrop of shifting power, there is more space, not less, for states to stand up for human rights as new coalitions and new voices of leadership emerge.”