COVID-19 pandemic brings new threats to cartoonists worldwide
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An employee at a cafe, which uses a unified biometric facial recognition system for payments, in Moscow, Russia, 25 March 2020, Gavriil GrigorovTASS via Getty Images

Instead of a prohibition on private use, EFF supports strict laws to ensure that each of us is empowered to choose if and by whom our faceprints may be collected.

Demonstrators hold up their guitars after performing the song

A Safety Guide for Artists explores topics such as defining and understanding risk, preparing for threats, fortifying digital safety, documenting persecution, finding assistance, and recovering from trauma.

Iraqis walk in the funeral procession of Yussef Sattar, a local journalist and activist who was reportedly killed while covering anti-government demonstrations, in Baghdad, 21 January 2020, AYMAN HENNA/AFP via Getty Images

Of the 50 journalists killed in connection with their work, 84% were knowingly targeted and deliberately murdered. The five deadliest countries were Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.