Cyberattack on IPI: Evidence points to retaliation for press freedom work in Hungary

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Hungary: DDoS attacks pose major new threat to media freedom

Since April 2023, at least 40 media websites – predominantly ones that are critical of the government – have faced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Hungary: Media freedom groups welcome EU court referral over Klubrádió frequency

“This decision by the EU’s executive body to take Hungary to court over the alleged breach in EU telecoms rules regarding Klubrádió’s frequency licence is a belated but important signal that the Commission is increasingly willing to use the tools available to it to defend independent media, freedom of expression and media pluralism where they are most threatened.”

Hungary: RSF asks prime ministerial candidates to prioritize press freedom and the right to information

“If the future government does not take concrete steps to dismantle this political system which has enabled the concentration of media ownership as well as the deliberate attacks on media independence, Hungary would risk becoming a black hole from which no reliable news and information emerges.”