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Journalist Emile-Aimé Kakese appears before the Court of Military Order

**Updates IFEX alerts of 14 August, 12 July and 27 June 2000**

(JED/IFEX) - Emile-Aimé Kakese Vinalu, publisher of the newspaper "Le Carrousel", appeared before the Court of Military Order (Cour d'ordre militaire, COM) in Kinshasa/Gombe on Tuesday 15 August 2000.

During this first hearing, Kakese's lawyers (Muila Kayembe, Nkwebe Wassis and Bondo Tshimbombo) asked for the hearing to be postponed for two weeks so that they would have the opportunity to consult the file. The court, chaired by First Councillor Kalombo Kalubi, rejected this request and set the next hearing for Thursday 17 August.

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