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Journalist released after spending 75 days in prison

(JED/IFEX) - Kazadi Mukendi, also known as Kazadi Kwambi Kasumpata, a journalist with the Kinshasa-based weekly "Lubilanji Expansion", was released on 5 July 2006 after spending 75 days in detention at a Kinshasa jail (Centre pénitentiaire et de rééducation de Kinshasa, CPRK, the former Makala prison).

Questioned by JED shortly after he left prison, the journalist said he was released at approximately 3:00 p.m. (local time). "I was in my cell when the security guards came in to take me to the prison director's office. There I was notified that I was free to go by order of the Kinshasa/Gombe High Court prosecutor." The journalist was visibly relieved to recover his freedom.

JED welcomed the journalist's release but also condemned the attitude of the state prosecutor, who had kept him in prison illegally. The Kinshasa/Gombe High Court had ordered Kasumpata's release on 24 May.

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