Digital authoritarianism, the case of El Salvador

Recent articles in El Salvador

In El Salvador, President Bukele harasses independent journalists on Twitter

Bukele’s government uses paid influencers and ‘likely bot farms’ to tweet pro-government messages ‘tens of thousands of times’ on a given topic while masking their origin to create the appearance of authentic grassroots support.

El Salvador’s Pegasus spyware case left uninvestigated ten months later

Ten months ago, Access Now and the Citizen Lab confirmed that several journalists were targeted with the use of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware on a massive scale in El Salvador.

El Salvador: Broad ‘state of emergency’ risks abuse

The Legislative Assembly passed a law declaring a “state of emergency” that suspends for 30 days the rights to freedom of association and assembly, and privacy in communications, as well as some due process protections.