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27 July 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 analyses Data Protection Act and related legislation

The organisation found the legislation to be lacking significant provisions that would ensure that the rights to privacy and freedom of expression and information are appropriately balanced.
26 July 2012 |

BIANET releases second quarter media monitoring report

World Press Freedom Day passed with 95 journalists behind bars.
9 July 2012 |

Democratic decline continues, says new Freedom House report

The report repeats key concerns about the country's democratic processes and raises concerns about the selective prosecution of opposition figures and the erosion of basic freedoms of assembly and speech.
2 July 2012 |

International delegation releases joint report on press freedom situation

The report outlines the findings of a research mission conducted at the beginning of April that found serious corruption issues and other problems and recommends steps to improve freedom of expression in the country.
13 June 2012 |

New CPJ report highlights injustice, torture in Askarov case

Investigative reporter and human rights defender Azimjon Askarov had embarrassed officials time and again with his reporting on law enforcement abuses. When ethnic unrest broke out in June 2010, authorities struck back with a vengeance.
9 May 2012 |

One hundred journalists in prison on World Press Freedom Day

BIANET laments the poor state of press freedom in the country and says that recent judicial reforms that label some press crimes as "terrorism" will make the situation worse.
10 April 2012 |

OSCE study confirms nearly 100 journalists currently in prison

The updated figure appears to confirm Turkey, an OSCE member state and candidate for membership in the European Union, as one of the world’s leading jailers of journalists – by some accounts ahead even of notorious press-freedom offenders Iran and China.
26 March 2012 |

Freedom of expression situation is "alarming", say international rights organisations

Azerbaijan's appalling free-expression record is of international concern because the country is hosting the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and the Internet Governance Forum.
14 February 2012 |

A year of struggle for journalists

In 2011, journalism and rights organisations in Turkey and worldwide urged for the release of imprisoned journalists, called for the abrogation of the Anti-Terror Law, observed trial hearings and requested amendments to lengthy detention periods, says a new BIANET report.
31 January 2012 |

BIANET releases media monitoring results for 2011

A total of 104 journalists and 30 media workers were imprisoned in 2011, says BIANET, a large jump from 30 journalists in 2010.
5 January 2012 |

Press freedom overview reveals ongoing violations in South East Europe

SEEMO registered 684 violations in 2011 and noted that the source of threats and pressures was diverse, including politicians; business groups, often linked to mafia-style business dealings and others.
2 January 2012 |

BIANET releases third quarter media monitoring report

BIANET outlines the press freedom violations that took place from July to September 2011.
13 December 2011 |

Human Rights Watch report provides evidence of wide-scale rights abuses

Torture is a chronic problem, rights activists are languishing in prison and the government has disbarred some of the country's most outspoken lawyers, says the organisation.
5 December 2011 |

BIANET releases second quarter media monitoring report

BIANET outlines the press freedom violations that took place from April to July 2011.
30 November 2011 |

ARTICLE 19 outlines six reasons why defamation reform fails to protect free expression

While a reform of the country's defamation legislation was necessary, the organisation says the new amendments will not improve the right to freedom of expression or media freedom.
28 November 2011 |

CJES report highlights ongoing impunity in attacks against journalists

In honour of the International Day to End Impunity, CJES has published a report outlining the challenges faced by journalists in Russia.
27 October 2011 |

Impunity reigns in province killings, says CPJ report

The murders in Togliatti of journalists Valery Ivanov and Aleksei Sidorov illustrate systemic problems that afflict another 15 unsolved murders, nearly 70 percent of them in the Russian provinces.
26 October 2011 |

Journalists under pressure as government pursues military offensive against PKK

Nese Düzel and Adnan Demir are being prosecuted for two April 2010 reports containing interviews with former PKK leaders Zübeyir Aydar and Remzi Kartal.
23 September 2011 |

Freedom House and Center for European Policy Analysis release working group report on democratic transition

The report includes recommendations for breaking the information blockade in the country and galvanising the links between civil society organisations and the population.
13 September 2011 |

ARTICLE 19 policy paper on transparency of media ownership by off-shore companies

States have an obligation to set out a legal regime for transparency of media ownership by off-shore companies in order to avoid media concentration, says ARTICLE 19.

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