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2 August 2012 |

IAPA condemns raid on Vanguardia magazine and threats against Fundamedios

Fundamedios, a not-for-profit organization devoted to monitoring press freedom, has been accused by the government of carrying out destabilizing activities.
2 August 2012 |

Correa withdraws government advertising for private media

The order issued by President Correa makes clear the existence of a system of awards and punishments for the media related to the placement of official advertising.
30 July 2012 |

Blogger told to "remain silent" in online death threat

The threat read: "To remain silent is many times better, especially when you have children who can suddenly suffer an apparent 'death'. For a father the family is the most cherished thing, isn't it?"
18 July 2012 |

Presidential attacks on journalists follow another radio station closure

Radio Morena’s representatives say it was the victim of politically motivated “persecution”. The National Telecommunications Secretariat (SENATEL) insists the station was closed down simply because it failed to pay for its frequency concession in time.
16 July 2012 |

Constitutional tribunal imposes preemptive elections censorship

The tribunal lifted precautionary measures that had suspended the application of amendments to the Electoral Law, leading to restrictions to journalists' work during electoral periods.
3 July 2012 |

Journalist says government pressure behind cancellation of his programme

Jaime Cedillo says his news programme broadcast by NEXO 97.7 FM was cancelled after the radio station's managers were warned that their frequency might not be renewed.
3 July 2012 |

Journalist murdered by unidentified individuals

Byron Baldeón was investigating the robbery of a shipping container full of television sets, for which three active-duty police officers and two civilians were captured and charged.
28 June 2012 |

Government communications department photographer threatened

Yadira Romo filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office saying she received a death threat after photographing a dispute between two journalists.
15 June 2012 |

Minister confirms that high ranking officials shall not grant interviews to private media

Policy Coordinating Minister Betty Tola officially announced that members of the presidential cabinet shall not grant interviews to the private media - a policy that violates the Ecuadorian Constitution.
12 June 2012 |

Fifth media outlet closed in a two-week period

The radio station manager said that radio Net has always been a diverse station, although quite critical of the local authorities when necessary, and that he has not ruled out a political motive for its closure.
30 May 2012 |

Critical radio and TV stations closed down in Napo province

The stations' owner said that his media outlets have criticized authorities and have given the public a space to express itself.
28 May 2012 |

TV station closed, equipment seized in Morona Santiago

The closure is the result of a 2011 court decision to cancel Telesangay’s contract, a decision that had political undertones.
16 May 2012 |

Government uses telecast to discredit journalist, human rights report

The telecast interrupted Ecuavisa's news programme and was aimed at discrediting interviewer Gabriela Baer and a report by the Simón Bolivar Andean University.
30 April 2012 |

New media bill should be scrapped, says CPJ

In a letter to the President of the National Assembly, Fernando Cordero Cueva, the Committee to Protect Journalists expresses its concern about a new communications bill that includes new restrictions that could limit the rights of citizens to inform and be informed.
5 April 2012 |

Correa questions IACHR and maligns Fundamedios

President Rafael Correa made the statements in relation to a recent meeting between a government delegation, led by Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Patiño, and members of the IACHR, to talk about the sentence against the newspaper "El Universo".
3 April 2012 |

Trial against "El Gran Hermano" authors continues after proposed pardon is rejected

The authors’ attorney that the trial will continue because no legal procedure exists as a possible way to end a civil trial. "What the court has done is request that, if the process is to come to an end, that it is done according to the law".
30 March 2012 |

State newspaper editor-in-chief receives death threats after publishing criticisms

Orlando Pérez, editor-in-chief and feature writer of the state newspaper "El Telégrafo", reported in his column that he has received several email death threats because of critical comments he made against the right wing political sector.
29 March 2012 |

Government officials threaten, intimidate local journalists

The Minister of the Interior warned he may initiate legal proceedings against Teleamazonas TV station if it does not present evidence of information, allegedly voiced during its news program, stating that the police had used teargas bombs during the marches that took place in Quito.

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