Educational “gag orders”, harsh prison sentences on artists and failed attempts to silence LGBTQI+ pop artists

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“In Ecuador, disinformation has spread like a fungus,” says investigative journalist

Arturo Torres investigates how disinformation moves in Ecuador. He uncovered 13 simultaneous disinformation campaigns driven by political interests, with the goal of weakening the government of then-president Lenin Moreno.

IAPA condemns murder of Mexican journalist and a disappearance

Pedro Pablo Kumul’s case adds to the murder of three other journalists in Veracruz this year.

Mexico: ARTICLE 19 condemns continued assault on its work and the press

National and local power players have harassed and threatened ARTICLE 19 and its members numerous times. The organisation seeks the guarantee of the Mexican government to end hostilities against ARTICLE 19 in Mexico, and provide acceptable conditions for its pursuit of human rights.