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6 June 2012 |

Gang member gets 30 years for TV cameraman's murder

Jonathan Martínez Castro, a “marero” (gang member), was sentenced by a San Salvador court for the April 2011 murder of Canal 33 cameraman Alfredo Hurtado. His alleged accomplice, Marlon Abrego Rivas, also known as “Gato,” is currently a fugitive.
21 March 2012 |

News website threatened for its reporting

The editor of the news website El Faro says his staff members have been followed after the site reported on a criminal network involving politicians.
9 May 2011 |

Death squads threaten Radio Victoria journalists

A letter received by the radio station said that the journalists had to leave the Cabañas community before 4 May or they would be killed.
28 April 2011 |

Murder of camera operator brings IAPA condemnation, call for investigation

While the reason for Alfredo Hurtado's death is unknown, Canal 33 said his murder could have been linked to his work for the "Teleprensa" programme, mostly covering the police beat.
11 March 2011 |

RSF reacts to guilty verdict for filmmaker's killers with mixture of relief and frustration

TEASER: "This verdict marks a victory in the fight against impunity but as an attempt to establish the truth [in the Christian Poveda case], it may have been too hasty," said RSF.
9 December 2010 |

ARTICLE 19 applauds adoption of Access to Public Information Law

President Mauricio Funes was urged to immediately sign and implement the legislation.
7 September 2010 |

A year later, many arrests in journalist's murder but facts still unclear

Christian Poveda was one of the few journalists to cover the country's local gangs from the inside.
19 February 2010 |

Three more suspects arrested in Christian Poveda murder investigation

The arrests of three members of the Mara 18 gang bring the total number of suspects detained to 28.
5 January 2010 |

Renewed threats against staff and journalists of Radio Victoria

The threats, first reported on 23 July 2009, have resurfaced days after the recent killing of two environmentalists.
17 December 2009 |

Journalist's daughter killed in Honduras; more arrests in Salvadorean journalist's murder

In Honduras, the daughter of journalist Karol Cabrera was murdered after her mother filed formal complaints stating she had received threats.
15 September 2009 |

Five suspects arrested in investigation into filmmaker's murder

Three gang members and a police officer suspected of being a gang ally have been arrested in connection with the murder of Christian Poveda.
3 September 2009 |

Filmmaker who documented Salvadoran gang violence murdered

The body of journalist Christian Poveda, whose new documentary on a Salvadoran street gang was scheduled for wide release, was discovered near the capital.
10 August 2009 |

Murder of activist, then threats to others

A thorough investigation should be conducted into the murder of community leader Gustavo Marcelo Rivera Moreno, as well as subsequent threats to others, says Human Rights Watch.
31 July 2009 |

Three journalists receive death threats in El Salvador; editor harassed in Venezuela

The IAPA called on officials in Bolivia, El Salvador and Venezuela to quickly investigate the acts of violence and intimidation reported in recent days against journalists in those countries.
4 May 2009 |

Journalists and media outlets call on new government to pass laws and public policies that democratise communication

(AMARC/IFEX) - El Salvador, 3 May 2009 - In the framework of World Press Freedom Day, the Movement for Democratic Communication launched a campaign calling on the government elect, which will take power on 1 June, to implement public policies on information and communication.
26 September 2008 |

Community radio reporter assaulted by municipal officials

(RSF/IFEX) - RSF calls on the police and judicial authorities to carry out a thorough investigation into a 17 September 2008 incident in Huizucar, a municipality near San Salvador, in which Allan Martell, a reporter and producer with Radio Bálsamo ( http://balsamofm.blogspot.com ), a community radio station based in Zaragoza , in the western department of La Libertad, was assaulted and threatened by local officials while making a documentary about water distribution problems. Roberto Gúzman, a member of the Communal Vision Development Association (ADESCOVI), a non-governmental organisation based in Huizucar, was also assaulted.
16 May 2008 |

Gang members sentenced to 35 years for critical journalist's murder; human rights defender questions failure to investigate motives

(PROBIDAD/IFEX) - On 12 May 2008, a San Salvador court convicted three youths - José Alfredo Hernández, José Luis Martínez Mejía and Héctor Adalberto Ortiz Mejía, all of whom are members of criminal street gangs - of aggravated homicide in the killing of journalist Salvador Sánchez Roque in September 2007. The investigation and trial failed to determine the motives for the crime.
18 January 2008 |

Death threats against radio station owner; media ownership too concentrated, warns PROBIDAD

(PROBIDAD/IFEX) - In a 17 January 2008 press release, spokespeople for radio station Radio Cadena Mi Gente condemned death threats made against one of the station's main stockholders, William Osmar Chamagua Morataya. The threats were made by telephone, twice to the station and once to his family's home. The last call was received on 16 January. The station's representatives fear that the threats are motivated by the media outlet's critical stance.
30 October 2007 |

Journalists assaulted by police and demonstrators during clashes in Santa Ana department

(PROBIDAD/IFEX) - Three journalists have been assaulted during clashes between the police and local residents in the Santa Ana department.
12 October 2007 |

Suspect arrested in murder of journalist Salvador Sánchez Roque

(PROBIDAD/IFEX) - On 11 October 2007, the National Civil Police announced the capture of José Alfredo Hernández, suspected murderer of radio journalist Salvador Sánchez Roque, who was killed on 20 September.

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