Election related breach of personal information reinforces critical need for data privacy laws in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwean journalists out on bail

Zimbabwean journalists Blessed Mhlanga and Chengeto Chidi, arrested while filming the attempted arrest of an opposition leader, are released on bail after spending 2 days in jail.

Zimbabwe’s government says new laws will modernise and democratise media

As Zimbabwe’s government is in the process of drafting a media regulation law and a broadcasting law, media stakeholders seek clarity on how media reforms will be implemented.

Zimbabwe’s PVO Amendment Bill would criminalise work of civil society organisations

Civil society organisations urge the Parliament of Zimbabwe to delay debate on the PVO Amendment Bill until it meets standards and best practice for the exercise of freedom of expression, free association and the right to privacy; and to embark on a wide-ranging consultative process on the regulation of CSOs, Trusts and NGOs.