Ethiopia: Abiy’s first year as prime minister, review of freedom of expression
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A man reads a newspaper with a story on Abiy Ahmed, newly elected leader of Ethiopia's ruling coalition, in Addis Ababa, 28 March 2018, ZACHARIAS ABUBEKER/AFP/Getty Images

Though the Ethiopian press is much freer today than before Abiy took power, CPJ spoke to over a dozen journalists and rights defenders who said that challenges remain, including the risk of attack and arrest, and a proposed law that could curtail their newly found freedoms.

Journalist Eskinder Nega (C) gestures after being released from Kaliti Prison in Addis Ababa, 14 February 2018; Nega was subsequently re-arrested by Ethiopian authorities, YONAS TADESSE/AFP/Getty Images

In just one month after declaring a state of emergency in the country – the second in two years – Ethiopian authorities arrested 5 journalists, all of whom have been imprisoned before.

Ethiopians living in Germany demonstrate against the Ethiopian government's policies in Berlin, Germany, 22 February 2018 , Adam Berry/Getty Images

Publisher of the Ethiothinktank blog, Seyoum Teshome was arrested on 9 March and his whereabouts are still unknown. CPJ is demanding his unconditional release.