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Tell European leaders to stop spying on citizens

Sign the petition telling Europe’s leaders to stop the US, UK and other governments from carrying out mass surveillance. Click here now to sign the petition to end mass surveillance now!

Index on Censorship

Stop spying on us!

Thanks to recent revelations we know that governments are using digital technology to monitor our emails, phone calls and the websites we visit. This is an attack on our freedom of speech and an invasion of our privacy. Tell Europe's leaders to take action to stop the US, UK and other governments from carrying out mass surveillance.

Sign the petition on initiated by Index on Censorship and other IFEX members and partners calling on European Heads of Government to clearly and unambiguously state their opposition to all systems of mass surveillance including the United States' NSA PRISM system and similar systems in several countries in Europe. Europe's leaders have not yet taken any action to stop this abuse of our right to privacy and freedom of expression.

Call on Europe's leaders to place this issue firmly on the agenda for the next European Council Summit in October. They need to make it clear that they will do so.

They must take action to stop this abuse of our human rights.

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This petition is supported by:
  • Index on Censorship
  • English PEN
  • Article 19
  • Privacy International
  • Open Rights Group
  • Liberty
  • European Federation of Journalists
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