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14 June 2012 |

Regime's license threat condemned

The Fiji regime has threatened that coverage of people it brands as "opposition" will cost Fiji TV its broadcast license.
10 February 2012 |

Defamation protections for regime unwelcome, says PFF

The country's new state proceedings decree grants Fiji's regime leader and his ministers exemption from defamation suits over anything they may say in public or private.
3 January 2012 |

IFJ cautiously welcomes end of Public Emergency Regulations

During his New Year’s address to the nation, Commodore Frank Bainimarama announced that the regulations, in place since April 2009, will be removed to allow preparations for the drafting of a new national constitution.
23 November 2011 |

Regime's bullying of media continues with contempt case

A "contempt" case was filed against the "Fiji Times" after it published an interview containing comments about the judiciary that offended the attorney general.
16 August 2011 |

Union members arrested for trying to publicly discuss new decree

Daniel Urai and Dinesh Gounder were arrested for trying to discuss the new Essential Industries Decree, which has roused international concern about workers' rights.
24 February 2011 |

Regime intimidation of journalists continues

Felix Chaudhary, a journalist for the "Fiji Times", was taken in for questioning by military officers while covering a public function.
11 February 2011 |

IFJ calls for censors to exit newsrooms

The regime pledged to lift the regulations when the Media Industry Development Decree was gazetted on 25 June 2010 but the censors remain.
12 October 2010 |

Spin and silence reign as Fiji clampdown on free speech continues, says PFF

Netani Rika, long-serving editor of the "Fiji Times", was reportedly forced to leave his job because of extraordinary pressure.
4 August 2010 |

Journalist detained overnight, questioned over story posted on news website

Richard Naidu ran a story stating Fiji's military police head, Esala Teleni, had been suspended.
30 June 2010 |

New controls over media industry and journalists deepen loss of free speech, says PFF

A new media decree legislates registration of all media outlets with a regime-endorsed "authority" given sweeping powers to protect the national and public interests.
8 April 2010 |

Media decree must be opposed, says IFJ

According to IFJ, the decree strictly limits the media's ability to regain its role as a critical watchdog on the accountability of power-holders.
6 April 2010 |

PFF welcomes regime lifting of media ban, calls for open dialogue

"Fiji Times" and Fiji TV had previously been banned from participating in discussions over a proposed media decree.
27 January 2010 |

Continuation of hearings against human rights trainer form part of ongoing clampdown on free speech, says PFF

Hearings are scheduled to continue against Imrana Jalal in a case brought against her by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).
25 January 2010 |

PFF urges military regime to drop proposed media law

The regime has damaged its own credibility by banning mainstream media outlets from participating in the consultation process for the new law, says PFF.
15 December 2009 |

ASTW decides not to hold annual general meeting in Fiji

The IFJ urged the ASTW to rethink a proposal to conduct the meeting in Fiji in view of the military regime's strict censorship.
5 November 2009 |

Academic deported after commenting on political situation

PFF condemned the illegal detention, assault and deportation of Professor Brij Lal.
4 November 2009 |

Attorney general erases credibilty with claim that media can report freely, says PFF

According to media reports, during a seminar at a university the attorney general said, "Are journalists being locked up? Are journalists being told what to write? No!"
6 October 2009 |

PFF calls on military regime to relax stranglehold on media as Fiji Media Council chooses new leader

The transition of leadership at the council will come to nothing if the military regime does not relax its stranglehold on free media and free speech, PFF says.
5 October 2009 |

In light of regime's censorship, IFJ urges Australian Society of Travel Writers to rethink meeting in Fiji

The IFJ said ASTW members would be compromising their integrity to accept the hospitality of the regime in the current circumstances.
2 September 2009 |

Newspaper editor threatened in pro-regime blog

A threatening message against a newspaper editor recently appeared on a pro-Fiji regime blog.

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