Gambian man faces charges for sharing image of Prophet Mohammed on Facebook

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Gambia's President Adama Barrow (C) during a meeting with the French Foreign Affairs minister and other officials, at The Presidential Palace in Banjul, 5 November 2018. CLAIRE BARGELES/AFP via Getty Images

Gambia Press Union takes ATI and media self-regulation on road tour

With the access to information bill before parliament, the Gambia Press Union engages citizens about the importance of ATI legislation and media self-regulation.

The Gambia embarks on journey to adopt ATI law

The Gambia Press Union awaits adoption of the Access To Information draft bill 2019, recently tabled for consideration at the National Assembly.

Most aggressive attack on press freedom since Adama Barrow government assumed office

The Gambian government’s excessive use of force against anti-Adama Barrow protesters is reminiscent of the brutal clampdown by former President Jammeh and his government.