Gambians could face 15 years in jail for spreading “false news” online
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The Gambian government’s excessive use of force against anti-Adama Barrow protesters is reminiscent of the brutal clampdown by former President Jammeh and his government.

After years of brutal repression, the 2016 elections allowed The Gambia to push the reset button. Reyhana Masters spoke with Saikou Jammeh of the Gambian Press Union about the country’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, which has had the nation riveted since commencement of the hearings.

MFWA's Vivian Affoah, IFEX's Matt Redding, Sabrine Baâboura from RIDH, and Sheriff Bojang Jnr from the Gambia Press Union in Geneva, Switzerland, 8 October 2019

Ahead of The Gambia’s Universal Periodic Review, IFEX’s Regional Editor Reyhana Masters asks: What issues are at the top of civil society’s agenda?