Greece urged to respect free expression while strengthening anti-racism bill

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Flowers are placed at the site where journalist Giorgos Karaivaz was murdered in Alimos, on the southern coast of Attica, Greece, 9 April 2021, Dimitris Lampropoulos/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Greek crime reporter Giorgos Karaivaz shot dead in Athens

The murder bears all the signs of a targeted assassination. Press groups have called on the authorities to establish whether the attack was linked to Karaivaz’s work.

EU must create safe environment for journalists reporting in Greece

Attacks on journalists reporting on the arrival of migrants in Greece is not only an attack on the right to freedom of expression, but a restriction of citizens’ access and right to information.

Greece: Masked group smash up offices of newspaper ‘Athens Voice’

The anarchist group Rouvikonas has claimed responsibility for the attack in which 15 individuals armed with metal bars destroyed computer equipment and furniture; no-one was injured.