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8 June 2012 |

Neo nazi group attacks journalists

Reporters Without Borders wishes to express its disgust at the assault on several journalists by the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi) party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris in the course of a live televised debate today during which he also attacked two left-wing deputies.
11 May 2012 |

TV journalist attacked, injured

"They had me on the ground and were beating me. . . I can say with absolute certainty that they knew I was a journalist," said Konstantinos Bogdanos, who sustained a head injury and broken hand in the attack.
7 May 2012 |

IPI News: Ethiopia/Greece/Nepal

10 April 2012 |

Riot police deliberately attack journalists covering street demonstrations

Photographer Marios Lolos was hit on the head by riot police and underwent emergency surgery to his skull as a result.
13 February 2012 |

IPI hopes court of appeal will reconsider excessive fines against two weekly Turkish papers

The fines against "Gundum" and "Millet" are so high that if convicted, the papers will be forced to close and the journalists might end up in prison.
17 November 2011 |

Greek criminal case against German journalists sparks concern

A case was launched against the publisher of "FOCUS" magazine and several journalists after the German magazine criticised Greece over the debt crisis.
23 August 2011 |

IPI condemns detention of two journalists in Florina

Goran Momirovski and Milena Gjorgjievska were detained in a street and held for two hours while police reviewed their filmed material in order to make sure no public buildings were filmed.
29 July 2011 |

IPI condemns attack on SKAI TV in Piraeus

Representatives of taxi drivers' organisations, who have been protesting a decision to deregulate their profession, vented their anger against the TV channel.
27 August 2010 |

Organisation claims responsibility for murder of journalist, threatens media

The rise of an organisation proclaiming its intention to "make blood flow", leaving "not a millimetre of safe refuge in the lives" of journalists, should set alarm bells ringing," IPI said.
20 July 2010 |

Investigative reporter gunned down in Athens

Sokratis Giolias, director of the private radio station Thema 98.9 and contributor to the popular online news blog Troktikos, was about to publish results of an investigation into corruption.
14 July 2010 |

Journalist on trial over article about Greek volunteers' role in Bosnian massacre

A criminal complaint was filed against journalist Takis Michas in July 2009.
22 January 2010 |

IPI condemns series of attacks against journalists

In the most recent incident, sports reporters covering the AEK-Olympiakos Championship football match in Athens were violently beaten.
3 December 2009 |

IFJ condemns outbreak of violence against media

The office of a journalists' union leader and the home of a union vice-president were targetted in separate bombings.
18 September 2009 |

Publisher convicted of slandering GHM spokesperson

A publisher and managing director of an extreme right newspaper has been convicted of slandering GHM Spokesperson Panayote Dimitras.
11 May 2009 |

Human rights defender refused entry into country

(GHM/IFEX) - On 2 May 2009, at the Greek-Albanian Kristallopigi (Florina) border crossing, 86-year old French citizen Jean (Iancu) Perifan was refused entry into Greece. He was given a refusal of entry note in Greek and Albanian (he speaks neither language) explaining that he was being refused entry because he was an "individual dangerous for national security".
5 May 2009 |

Country's largest newspaper systematically attacks scholars, judges for views and rulings on minorities

(GHM/IFEX) - 2 May 2009 - The Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM), on the occasion of tomorrow's World Press Freedom Day, denounces the abuse of press freedom by Greece's largest newspaper, which systematically attacks academics and European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judges for views expressed or judgments issued that are perceived by the prevailing nationalist hysteria as "anti-Greek." What is even more condemnable is that absolutely no one has ever denounced that newspaper's attacks, not even the colleagues of those targeted.
2 March 2009 |

Offices of "Apogevmatini" newspaper attacked by gang of masked men

(IFJ/IFEX) - The following is a 27 February 2009 IFJ media release:
26 February 2009 |

Journalist Abdulhalim Dede attacked during live broadcast

(IPI/IFEX) - The following is a 25 February 2009 press release by the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), an IPI affiliate:

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