Group calls on Norway to grant asylum to Edward Snowden
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In the run-up to the resumption of Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange’s US extradition trial in September, and to mark his birthday on 3rd July, Reporters Without Borders has worked with The Courage Foundation on this open letter to the UK government detailing extensive concerns about his treatment and continued persecution. We call on the UK government to uphold its commitment to press freedom in its own country.

“The superseding indictment is the latest in a long series of moves by the US government to manipulate legal loopholes in their targeting of Julian Assange, to undermine his defence, and to divert public attention from the extremely serious press freedom implications of his case.”

All internet users rely on Section 230, which provides important legal protections when platforms offer their services to the public and when they moderate the content that relies on those services, from the proverbial cat video to an incendiary blog post.