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4 July 2012 |

Photojournalists assaulted by protesting students, one seriously injured

Luis Soto was injured as a result of being struck in the head with a stone while covering a confrontation between the students and riot police.
11 May 2012 |

Community radio stations raided, journalist arrested

Representatives of the Attorney General's office and National Civil Police officers raided community radio stations Uqul Tinamit and Jun Toj, taking their equipment and arresting one journalist.
10 May 2012 |

Six TV stations closed due to political pressure

Journalists in Mazatenango, Suchitépequez have denounced the closing of six local TV stations, a decision that was taken after the local mayor put pressure on the Cable DX company, saying he would not tolerate criticism of his administration.
9 November 2011 |

Journalists assaulted, face restrictions while covering second electoral round

Héctor Cordero, a correspondent for Guatevisión, was assaulted by a politician's bodyguard and will have to remain in hospital for 10 days.
31 October 2011 |

Members of local security committee threaten journalist

Lucía Escobar says she was threatened after publishing an article about the forced disappearance of a person in the town of Panajachel, in western Guatemala.
10 August 2011 |

Journalists threatened by mayor of Mazatenango after reporting on corruption

Danilo López said the harassment began after he published a story detailing complaints accusing the mayor and his son of selling permits to illegal taxi operators.
29 June 2011 |

Congressional candidate dismisses journalist, attempts to intimidate television correspondent

Franciso Pérez was dismissed after he refused to support the election campaign of the congressional candidate, who is the director of the agency that administers Radio Ixcán.
14 June 2011 |

RSF expresses serious doubts about abduction charge against detained journalist

Vasni Vásquez, who has been held in detention for two months, described the actions against him as an "attempt to intimidate the press."
6 June 2011 |

Environmental issues reporter receives threats

Eduardo Villatoro has been receiving threats that appear to be linked to articles he wrote about resource exploitation and the construction of a liquid gas storage plant.
25 May 2011 |

"Los Zetas" gang allegedly behind threatening messages directed at the press

The threats may be related to the media's coverage of a recent massacre of 29 peasants, believed to have been carried out by the criminal gang.
24 May 2011 |

Provincial TV journalist found dead

Yensi Roberto Ordoñez Galdámez, a television journalist and teacher, had received threats in relation to his reporting.
7 February 2011 |

Journalist receives threats, his brother attacked

Oscar de León has been receiving threats ever since he received a folder detailing accusations against the director of the Quetzaltenango Municipal Transport Police.
21 January 2011 |

Two journalists assaulted during political event in Quiché

Jorge Toledo and Norman Rodas were assaulted by two members of the Partido Patriota (PP) communications team after a press conference at the party's headquarters.
30 November 2010 |

Journalist threatened for publishing article on arms theft

Luis Ángel Sas has received death threats that make reference to an article he wrote about stolen army weapons that ended up in the hands of the Los Zetas crime group.
1 October 2010 |

Journalist tortured and killed

Journalist Víctor Hugo Juárez was found murdered on 27 September 2010 and appeared to have been tortured and strangled.
30 September 2010 |

Journalist robbed, threatened

After Marvin Del Cid Acevedo's apartment was robbed, the journalist says that he fears for his safety.
31 August 2010 |

Shots fired at journalist's home

Several assailants fired 28 shots at journalist Edin Rodelmiro Maaz Bol's home in Cobán.
30 July 2010 |

Villagers hold four journalists hostage during blockade

The journalists said they were concerned for their safety because protestors threatened to beat and lynch them and held them overnight.
30 June 2010 |

Journalist threatened, intimidated

Martin del Cid Acevedo received a written message warning him that he would be killed.
12 April 2010 |

Journalist shot in Guatemala City

Felipe Valenzuela was shot in the head during an attempted car robbery, but CERIGUA is not ruling out the possibility that the attack was related to his work as a journalist.

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