Gunman convicted in 2013 murder of Brazilian journalist

This article is more than 8 years old

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Prison sentence for Brazilian journalist is outrageous and threatens press freedom

In a case permeated by gender violence, journalist Schirlei Alves has been sentenced to one year in prison and damages of US$80,000 for defamation, for her report on the trial of influencer Mariana Ferrer.

RSF Report: “Scorched lands of journalism in the Amazon”

Whether farmers, livestock breeders, loggers, gold miners or mining company executives, those who monopolise land and natural resources seek to silence anyone reporting on violations of human rights and environmental legislation.

RSF denounces Brazil’s slow investigation into Dom Phillips’s murder one year ago

“A society that does not guarantee free and safe conditions for journalism, for the defence of fundamental rights and for the defence of its Indigenous peoples is condemned, by denying its past, to failure in the construction of its future” – RSF.