Heavy penalty for Comorian journalist for Facebook post if convicted

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Two senior state broadcast journalists suspended in Comoros

Two senior journalists – news director Binti Mhadjou and editor in chief Moinadjoumoi Papa Ali – at the Comoros public radio and television broadcasting station, have been suspended for their coverage of a recent strike.

Comoros Gendarmerie officers stand on the back of a car as they disperse opposition supporters, in Moroni, 25 March 2019, GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images

Clampdown on journalists in Comoros amid political crisis

Journalists in the Comoros are being censored and intimidated amid a continuing political crisis in the wake of the country’s presidential election on 24 March.

An officer stands in front of campaign posters of incumbent Comoros President and Presidential Candidate Azali Assoumani, in Moroni, 25 March 2019, GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images

Journalists in Comoros facing multiple charges

Abdallah Abdou Hassane and Oubeidillah Mchangama, two journalists working for critical online news outlet FCBK FM, were arrested and are facing multiple charges. They have pleaded not guilty.