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9 September 2015 |

Court ruling deals major blow to media freedom and Inter-American body

Court ruling deals major blow to media freedom and Inter-American body The Honduran Supreme Court has failed to implement a legally-binding order by the IACHR to protect Julio Ernesto Alvarado's right to work in his profession.
20 December 2011 |

Honduras must investigate attacks on the press, says CPJ

In an open letter to President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, CPJ expresses its concern about the unrelenting violence against the local press.
5 July 2011 |

Community radio stations still denied access to airwaves, RSF and AMARC note

A RSF special representative was in the Zacate Grande peninsula on 14 April 2011, and reports on the state of community radios in the region.
10 June 2011 |

Concern about future of civil liberties, human rights after OAS readmits Honduras

AMARC and RSF had repeatedly called for significant concessions from Honduras in return for its readmission to the OAS.
7 April 2011 |

Joint appeal for end to persecution of community and opposition media

AMARC and RSF issued the appeal as an RSF representative travelled to the island of Zacate Grande, where the community radio station La Voz de Zacate Grande has been the target of constant harassment since it started broadcasting.
21 March 2011 |

IFEX-ALC intervention during the review of the Honduras UPR report by the United Nations Human Rights Council

IFEX-ALC reiterates its demands for an end to attacks on journalists and the legal persecution of community-based media outlets.
18 March 2011 |

IFEX-ALC calls on Honduras to uphold commitments it made by accepting the recommendations of the United Nations Human Rights Council

IFEX-ALC reiterates its willingness to assist in any way possible so that the Honduran government can uphold its commitments and fully implement the recommendations.
14 March 2011 |

Freedom of expression still in decline despite government's promises to the United Nations

IFEX-ALC calls on the Honduran government to uphold the commitments it made regarding the fight against impunity and the defense of the right to free expression in the country.
9 November 2010 |

Honduras accepts United Nations Human Rights Council recommendations on free expression

Countries participating in the Universal Periodic Review on Hondruas expressed concern over the freedom of expression situation, especially the murders of nine journalists so far in 2010.
3 November 2010 |

Serious situation of freedom of expression in Honduras

A delegation of the IFEX-ALC will attend the Universal Periodic Review of Honduras to express its concern over the current state of free expression in this Central American country.
2 November 2010 |

Thirty-eight IFEX members make recommendations to improve freedom of expression at Honduras's UPR

In support of the IFEX-Latin America and the Caribbean (IFEX-ALC) mission to the Honduras UPR in Geneva, IFEX members provided recommendations regarding the country's freedom of expression record.
14 September 2010 |

Impunity and attacks against the media and journalists continue, according to international press freedom mission

"Honduras has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for local journalists and community radio stations, with at least 9 reporters killed in 9 months," say the mission members.
30 August 2010 |

Continued persecution of community radio station in Zacate Grande

AMARC and ARTICLE 19 are on a mission in Honduras to monitor the freedom of expression violations that have been experienced by members of La Voz de Zacate Grande radio station.
29 June 2010 |

Rule of law and civil liberties founder in year since coup

Three IFEX organisations have issued a joint statement on the first anniversary of the 28 June 2009 coup d'etat, lamenting the state of press freedom in the country.
28 April 2010 |

IAPA makes recommendations to President Porfirio Lobo to combat violence against journalists

President Lobo promised to consider recommendations made by IAPA at a meeting during his recent visit to Miami.
23 April 2010 |

Situation worsening according to ARTICLE 19 and C-Libre's UPR submission

The submission highlights the continuing deterioration of freedom of expression in the country as evidenced by the violent targeting of the media and the political opposition.
24 February 2010 |

President Porfirio Lobo commits to press freedom

At a conference attended by Lobo, IAPA announced a contest on free speech for university students.
29 January 2010 |

Presidential inauguration must not eclipse coup's impact on press freedom, say five IFEX members

Five IFEX members and two other organisations have released a report on the state of press freedom since the 28 June 2009 coup d'état.
7 December 2009 |

Crisis for free expression deepens, note international mission participants

ARTICLE 19 and six international organisations participated in a mission to Honduras from 1 to 7 November 2009.

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