Hong Kong Free Press threatened for ‘spreading hatred’ against China

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Hong Kong government asked to explain why it rejected an Economist reporter’s visa extension

The Hong Kong correspondent for the “Economist”, Sue-lin Wong, was notified by the Immigration Department that her work visa was not extended, with no explanation given. The Hong Kong Journalists Association is concerned that this could reflect a “tightening grip over foreign media in Hong Kong.”

An "Apple Daily" journalist holds freshly-printed copies of the newspaper's last edition to be distributed to supporters gathered outside their office in Hong Kong, 24 June 2021, as the pro-democracy tabloid was forced to close. DANIEL SUEN/AFP via Getty Images

Hong Kong report: ‘Freedom in tatters’

The annual report of the Hong Kong Journalists Association highlighted the deterioration of media freedom in Hong Kong after the passage of the National Security Law.

People gather to protest against the closure in Hong Kong of the "Apple Daily" newspaper, in London, United Kingdom, 27 June 2021, Hasan Esen/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

How Beijing has dismantled freedom of expression in Hong Kong in just one year

Angeli Datt writes about the Beijing-backed actions that led to the dismantling of freedom of expression in Hong Kong.