IAPA criticises shutdown of radio station

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Nicaraguan authorities charge journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro with financial crimes

Nicaraguan authorities should immediately drop criminal charges against journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro and stop using the country’s justice system to harass and silence the press.

International community called on to unite in defending freedom of expression, press freedom in Nicaragua

In the face of escalating repression and the systematic persecution of the independent press and dissident voices, we the undersigned organizations, call on the international community to speak up in defense of press freedom and freedom of expression in Nicaragua, to condemn the ongoing violations of these rights, and to appeal for the restoration of conditions to allow free, fair and transparent elections to take place. In addition, we call on the Nicaraguan authorities to respect the right to freedom of expression and to provide guarantees for press freedom.

A man places copies of the newspaper "La Prensa" on a table, Nicaragua, Managua, 12 August 2021, Stringer/picture alliance via Getty Images

Nicaraguan police raid “La Prensa” offices, detain publisher Juan Lorenzo Holmann

Nicaraguan authorities must stop harassing the “La Prensa” newspaper, allow its staff to enter their offices and report freely, and unconditionally release publisher Juan Lorenzo Holmann.