IFEX-ALC condemns new attempts to obstruct justice after 32 years of impunity in case of journalist Hugo Bustíos
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Supporters of former Peruvian President Alan Garcia gather for his funeral at the APRA headquarters in Lima, 17 April 2019, Leonardo Fernandez/Getty Images

Peruvian authorities should immediately take action to ensure the safety of journalists at news website IDL-Reporteros, and officials should refrain from making inflammatory statements blaming the outlet and its director.

Far from media attention, a Peruvian indigenous woman struggles to protect her land and water against large corporations.

The organizations that make up IFEX-ALC support those who want the acquittal of former minister Daniel Urresti to be revoked. Urresti was exonerated despite testimonials that directly implicated him in the horrible murder of journalist Hugo Bustíos.