IFEX members support Ukrainian journalists at risk, Russia imposes “total information blackout”

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Report exposes Putin’s war on Ukrainian culture

“Culture – past, present, and future – is on the front lines of the brutal war on Ukraine and cultural erasure is a central tactic of Russia’s campaign of aggression and violence in Ukraine, which has gone on for over eight years.”

“We don’t want Belarus to become an information black hole”

Press freedom experts met in Lithuania to discuss Belarus’s ongoing crackdown on independent media, which has seen approximately 400 journalists forced into exile and 32 still behind bars.

Free expression groups present model anti-SLAPP law to UK Government

The UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition has sent a model anti-SLAPP law to the UK Secretary of State for Justice. The model law outlines how best the UK Government can make good on its commitment to reform the law to introduce robust anti-SLAPP measures and protect those holding the powerful to account.