In Maldives, 15 journalists get SMS threatening them about covering gangs

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Motorists ride along a street outside the People's Majlis or the Maldives parliament, in Male, 7 February 2018, STR/AFP via Getty Images

Maldives: Parliamentary committee intervenes in media council case

The Maldives Journalists Association is concerned that the parliamentary committee, which has the power to summon and question members of the Maldives Media Council, became directly involved as a complainant in an investigation overseen by the Council.

Security personnel patrol an accommodation block where Bangladeshi migrant workers are being quarantined after Covid-19 cases were found in the area, Malé, Maldives, 9 May 2020, Ahmed Shurau/AFP via Getty Images

Maldives: Pandemic response exposes inequities, abuse

According to Human Rights Watch, authorities in Maldives cracked down on foreign workers protesting wage abuses that escalated during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Maldives government imposes broad restrictions on protests

The Home Affairs Ministry declared that street protests and marches could only be held with prior written approval from the police. In addition, the Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ministry stated that nongovernmental organizations should not support “actions that are detrimental to national security and national interests.”